Site change announcement!

 Hey guys,

Just dropping a heads up. My site has morphed a few times and will one last time, I hope. Was in the beginning "Why Not Rhymes" in promoting rhyming poetry, then due to two objectives (Rhyming Poetry and Christian Living Poetry) I added a second site"Redemptive Rhymes" in promoting Christian poetry. Then combined those with the current "Why Not Redemptive Rhymes" when I had finished my Rhyme It Out! project . Although promoting rhyming poetry is still important to me, especially since that is mostly what I write, I think that is known now and the "Why Not" is no longer needed; more so now, is "Why" Christian poetry. Well, I'm sure it's obvious that I'm a Christian, but, the "Why" will always be a mysterious question for some; thus, my new and -hopefully-final web address will be simply "Why Redemptive Rhymes". Will be in affect by the end of November, 2021 Mean time, if you type in whynotrhymes, it's good until Jan. 28, 2022, redemptiverhymes until Aug. 26, 2022, and whynotremptiverhymes until Spt. 10, 2022 as will still bring you to my current site until those dates. Will announce again when I actually have the New address up and running.

Blessings All!


Also will announce new book project by the end of this year, 2021!


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