Poem - They Don't Get To


They Don't Get To!


It's so wonderful to be you! 
Embracing the who that God created
Because of whom they are, they don't get to

Your body in form to yourself be true
The beauty within yours be fated
It's so wonderful to be you!

The world needed beauty, to this He knew
Giving to the other that awaited
Because of whom they are, they don't get to!

Placing us on the scene, forming beauty
Our place here in making a difference
We're not here to be a sleeping-beauty

As to this God made this indifference
It's all about embracing this yourself
For us to this He gave deliverance


You are woman, so love thyself
It's so wonderful to be you!
God created you from beauty itself
Because of whom they are, they don't get to!

                        ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: God made all of us in the form we were meant to be rather female or male. Women embrace who you are and bloom as you were meant to. No, I'm not a feminist! I do, however, believe in the sense of as spiritual beings' woman and man are created equal, but in the sense of physical beings' we were created different for the sake of the needs of this world and the need of each other. Think about it! Men contribute attributes to the physical world around us in strength and more, of course; you got to love them. Whereas woman contribute attributes of beauty and inner strength in the world. Woman we have to be strong in faith to survive this world; right! That does include embracing the beauty of being a woman. I really like makeup, jewelry, doing my nails, and dressing nice. Although this is considered outer beauty, it's also a part of taking care of yourself on the inside in feeling good about yourself in embracing who you are. We woman provide so much to this world, both inside and out; we are beauty and more. Take care of yourself and embrace the beauty; because men, they don't get to. 


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