A Poem of Thought

  When I Make Mistakes

When I've done wrong, it aches
I pray in hopes of seeing a resolution
Thanks for Your help Lord when I make mistakes

Under Your guidance I'll do what it takes
In silence I wait for Your contribution
Because when I've done wrong, it aches

Sometimes it after my being awakes
That I should've waited His solution 
Thanks for Your help Lord when I make mistakes

When I jump the gun without His guidance
That's when more often than not I mess up
Affecting greatly my self-confidence

I may have said something I trumped-up
In thinking negative in the moment
A mistake born that needs a follow-up

With the Lord, He guides me to what was meant
When I know I've done wrong and it aches
As He gives me direction in the event
Thanks for Your help Lord when I make mistakes

      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: Only Jesus Christ was a perfect human being and we are not perfect; but, we do try to be like Him. However, it's impossible for us to not make mistakes. I know I make mistakes all the time and especially in misreading what someone meant or said to me. I'm not dumb, by far, but it can be very easy to misunderstand someone's purpose in reading messages sent or displayed; either verbally, text, or written. And, sometimes we may respond in a way that later we realize was a mistake due misunderstanding the message in the first place. One thing I can't stand when I make a mistake is if my mistake has hurt someone. In these times, I pray and ask guidance from the Lord. In the meantime, as I await, I pray the person doesn't get too mad at me and give us time to reconcile the mistake; rather that reconciliation is time or if words are needed, either way. However, I have noticed, when I pray and do nothing and just give it time, things do seem to resolve in the manner they need to. What surprises me most when I have made a mistake and prayed about it, is when the person I made the mistake with, doesn't dish me; that surprises me more than anything. I guess more people do realize us humans are not perfect, after all. But, the Lord is there to help me through when I do make mistakes. Thanks for Your help Lord when I make mistakes. 


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