A Terzanelle Poem for Thought!


No Regrets, Now


Life is a gift that God did endow
A marvelous journey on our way home
As with Him I have no regrets, now

Knowing He's there no matter where I go
Makes my journey in life so pleasant
I have no need to go with the flow

He graced my life being omnipresent
Rewarding me favor at every turn
Making known in life He is present

Life's not a reward one has to earn
It's a gift given from God above
On my way back home to where I yearn

When I'm on my death bed surrounded by love
I'll have no regrets resting in His arms
As with Him my journey's not been void of  
He helped me through with all life's alarms
As life is a gift that God did endow
He protects me against worldly charms
And with Him I have no regrets, now  
©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: Life is a gift given to us by God. I've heard and seen people say life is the reward. I have a concern about people thinking this way and living their lives like this fleshly life is all the life there is because of one believing life is the reward. Question: If life is the reward, then whom gave it to us? With a reward it has to be given, as in earned, to the reward. For a being or entity to give life as the reward, this being or entity would have to first create this life to be given as the reward. A reward is something earned; so how was life earned and not given as a gift? We didn't earn life. God gave it to us! Life a reward, I think not! Life is a gift, not a reward. Our reward awaits for us in heaven. "Rejoice in that day and leap for joy! For indeed your reward is great in heaven,...." (Luke 6:23. NKJV). People also live their life here concerned about looking back and regretting not having lived every moment to the max of what this world has to offer. Yes, in the journey of life, to our final destination of our home in heaven, we are to and can enjoy our life; but, enjoy it in the atmosphere of morality. This world in so many aspects is morally declining. To flimsily partake in unmoral activities just because one wishes to enjoy life in worrying about looking back and having regrets is only harming one's spiritual being. One can enjoy life here without partaking in unmoral activities and still have no regrets; especially in knowing when one's time comes one will join God in heaven; our reward. My life's journey here is far from over and I am enjoying my gift of life, and can't wait for my reward in heaven. To looking back in regret, don't think I will be doing that as I know where I will be in my future life. To this understanding, I definitely do not have no regrets, now! 


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