Monday, June 6, 2022

Family is Love

 Family is Love

One family entered in due the flood
Out of love the world was populated
Family is love, not just about blood 

To this the world cleansed to pureblood
In saving the faithful that awaited
As one family entered due the flood

Giving the world a chance with lifeblood
And to this we became related  
Family is love, not just about blood

For God showed His love in this single act
Giving us a chance at life anew
In being His kin this world to impact

For out of this in us His love we knew
Making it clear out of love we were spared
And in this love our Godly family grew

A family we became to Him declared
As one family entered due the flood
Love exited in grace prepared
Family is love, not just about blood
      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: Most people know about the account of Noah's Ark in the Bible. If not, you can read it in Genesis chapter 6-9 in the Bible. In summarizing: The world, or the people in the world, had become so defiant and bad that God was going to put an end to all of humanity. But, He loved humanity, His creation! So instead He got the most faithful man on earth to build an ark to save the faithful from the flood that was going to wipe out every living creature on earth; including, humanity. Noah was the most faithful man on earth, at the time. Noah and his family and any that believed were to be spared in the safety of the ark. Now this ark took around ten years to build and most people thought Noah was crazy in building this ark; but, He obeyed God and did build it any way. Around ten years to convince people to believe in God and what He was about to do and come aboard the ark to live. The times of Noah was so evil, that only his immediate family and a few kinsfolk even believed in God any more. So, these were the only people that entered the ark; Noah's family. I can't imaging the disappointment God had in knowing only these few humans even believed in Him. I mean, He gave everyone around ten years to believe out of love for humanity and humanity let Him down out of hate of the idea of a God; a creator. But, from this act the family of God was born, as only the purely faithful survived the flood. Better said, perhaps, it was out of love for humanity that made us a family to God. In reality, every single human on earth have the bloodline of the faith filled family of Noah; thus belong to the loving family of God. It was out of love that God decided to save humanity in inviting the one's that believed in Him into His heavenly family. Anyone that wanted to come aboard the Ark, could have; but, they did not believe. They did not believe in a God who would spare them from certain death and they did not believe that God loved humanity enough to provide a way to survive from impending death. Family's today, mostly, operate with love out of just being a blood relative; which, is good. And, most times, a family member does run to one's side in the mist of death. But, in a family of love, it goes way beyond just being a blood relative or running to one when death is looming. It's about caring deeply about the well fair of another or other humans in one's life. Family isn't always, a blood relative! As God showed with Noah, Family is Love!

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