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Hi there, I am a newly published poetry author from Georgia, United States.  I started writing poetry as a young adult, then life lead me to other objectives as a single mother. As youngest child approached adulthood picked up my writing pen and once again found myself expressing myself via poems. Discovering rhyming poetry to be very much to my liking most my poems rhyme. Being a Christian, a great deal of my poems have Christian living emphases. I work on my book projects in a work space in my home. Other than writing, I enjoy reading and studying the Bible, occasionally watch a good movie, listen to Country music, and Crochet. I have learned a great deal about myself, some good, some bad, in my journey here in writing and developing my poem books; this had been a huge eye opener. I believe my journey here in this world is far from over, my life thus far had been a challenge, a struggle, and some heartbreaking moments as well as many wonderful blessings along the way. In addition, I know God is not finished with developing my spirit being. I have yet, many, many things to learn as a Christian. This is a spiritual journey with our Lord I believe never ends while here in this world. Am a simple Christian women that is loving my journey here in this life with the Lord by my side whom additionally enjoys writing poetry. Each poetry book portrays a moment and journey in my life from a couple of social Media experiences to promoting rhyming poetry to my spiritual journey with the Lord. Some of my poetry books are in eBook format and some are stickily paperback form; for now. Hope you enjoy reading my poetry as much as it was emotional and eye-opening for me. 

I opened my blog site January 2019 and published my first poem book February, 2019. It was midsummer of 2018 when I started this on going adventure in writing poems. My site has morphed many times during this time in separating the objectives of rhyming poetry encouragement and Christian living poetry and in changing of names of my site(s).  Over the course of the last few years have wrote and published 7 poem books via Amazon. Under the “Books' lists of Poems” tab you will see links that refer to poems in each book.  It has been an adventure of a life time for me as I had learned how to format both paper back and eBook (still learning eBook) for publishing. However, my adventure in writing and publishing poem books in this season of my life has come to a close. It’s been amazing having you all as an audience for both the good and the bad times. I do greatly appreciate you all’s attentiveness to my poem writing adventure. Now I’m on to a new writing adventure; which I will announce when the time is right. Meanwhile, I will on occasion post a poem that will not be in any book, encouraging Bible quotes, and pictures of encouragement. 

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