August 20 "Broken Enhancement"


Special Note: I know this to be true as I have experienced both; to the bone (many) and to the heart (a few)

Bone: 9 ex-broken bones: 

Left cheek bone cracked in three places (but not shattered, no scars, healed good)

Left wrist biggest bone broken in-two (therapy, as am left handed, determined and gained back full control, nicely healed)

Left foot bone: 2 times (broken near little toe, and broken near ankle, decades apart, healed good) 

Left pinky toe bones 3 times (now slightly bend, but functionable) 

Right pinky toe bone 1 time (functionable)

Fractured Sternum bone: (across and down, almost in-two, healed nicely)

The Enhancement: I am now a walking weather barometer, so to say. I can tell when bad weather is coming, rather to my area or near by, up to three days prior as these ex-broken bones start to ache and tell me so. Broken bones can sometimes lead to added skills. 

Heart: Few Times

The Enhancement: I've become mentally stronger and more aware of the true nature of heartache and love since having my heart broken a few times. Sometimes, we need this to happen; at least that was the case with me. 


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