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Growing Strong in The Lord - Part Two

 Growing Strong in The Lord Poetry (Part Two) 

Everything Good
Christmas of Strange
What Am I learning
Transparency: A Virtue
Opposites Attract
True Friendship
Three Years to Embody True Love
Real Dreams Come True
Real Too Intense for Some
Comes at a Cost
You Put a Smile on My face, Thank You
Once in Awhile
Modern Love
He Has Our Future Plans
Who You Where Meant To Be
Matters of Life
God Says
Rise Above
Your Journey Never Ends
You Never Left Me
His Love is Magic
Can't Break What's Already Broken
A Real Man
Strong Enough for Me
A Friend Indeed, Thank You
God Defines Us
Soul Cry
Our Souls are Intertwined
Jesus My Savior
Always Trials in Life
What I Want Doesn't Matter
Giving All My Trust in God
Given, Not Earned
Gambler Vs. Investor
If It Works, It works
Loving the Unlovely Test
Faith In Christ
You Complete Me
Completion of Two as One
Reckless Wavier
After The Storm Birds Do Sing
Let Go and Live
Opportunity for Passion in Christ
Faith, Hope, & Love
    ©Doris Elaine

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