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Growing Strong In The Lord Poetry-Part One

 Growing Strong In The Lord Poetry-(Part One)

I Am Sowed, By His Words
One Day, We Will Meet 
Courage That Day
Money Shouldn't Break Morals
Takes Him To Succeed
I'm Not Impressed!
This Poem For You
A Collision Course with Him
Because, We Are Not Looking For Fame
I Got Through, It's Done!
Small Becomes Big
That's So Priceless!
Be Yourself, Because Everyone Else Is Taken
How Great Was Your Wait
Stuck In Neutral, I' m Better
Moving to Stay Strong
Matter of Forgiveness
Hard to Give Up!
By Mind, Heart, Soul & Flesh
At Least Your Doing Something
What's Your Operating System
Can't Go Back, Onto To What Awaits
How Our Forefathers Founded Our Nation
Prayers for Our Nation's Leaders In Command
My Time in The Sun was From He
All I Know is It Hurts!
Not Just A Uniform
New Member, Not New Believer
Thankful, Now for My Face
A Day of Tears
All His Saints, Surely Know
The Owner's Manual
My Knight in Shinning Armor
Worship, a Constant Communication
Growing, A Worthy Challenge
As Real As They Believe
Upon Your Initial Reaction, Now You Laugh!
Hope: That Not Seen
Understanding: Embracing Being Poor
Disconnect To Connect
Do What You Did At First
Religious I, Not!
Because I Know, and Its Mind-blowing
The Pain Of Becoming
Water Thicker Than Blood?
Stop Complaining And Try Moving Forward
Consequences of Worldly Conformity!
Consciousness Evolution?
A New Normal
Learning what's Normal
Thankful As...
Thanksgiving, The Way
Wantedlessly Unjustified Deliverance
Your History, Not Your Destiny
The Skill and Strength of Love
Romance Vs. Love
Merry Christmas
Two Kinds of Love
Four A's of a Godly Union
Too Complex to Understand
It Just Wasn't Time
Becoming Made Unbreakable
At Some Point, It Has To Be!
We Need Someone To Practice On
It's Not Luck, But Grace
Flirting With Sin
Always! With Praise!
How Strong Be The Poor
Power of The Poor
Through The Eyes of The Poor
Considering: You Pray!
Patience Rewarded
Thanks for The Beauty Lord
Faithful in Affliction
Through the Strom
Work in Progress
Pressing on With Hope
Blessed Loneliness
Don't Know How Else To Be
It's Ashamed!
As I Believe, I'll Never Be The Same
Work-Place Politic
Wasting Time
A Breath of Awakening
Truth Can Fix You Better
Being Busy and Being Fruitful
Happiness is With The Lord
From Test, To Moaning, To Testimony
Can't Avoid Crucifixion
Arrows for Feathers
Never Fully Know
Catch 22
Man Pleasing is Less
It May be time to Get A Clue!
He Want Do What We Can Do
Don't Store Up Decay
Chosen Learning
I Cry!
New Level New Devil
A Light in A Dim Place
Happy Easter
He Is Risen
Free At Last
Faith is Enough!
Hope Maintains
Love Endures
Love Untouched
How to Love Right
In His Grace, I Have Lived
Final Thoughts!
    ©Doris Elaine

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