My Poetic Picture Dairy

This section will include poems I write with a background picture. They will be dated, as I will be posting these in a dairy formation; meaning, I will create and post on date of creation as if writing in a dairy. The poems subject will mostly consist of my day's praises, joy, rewards, happiness, wonder, doubts, sadness, and challenges as a Christian woman of today; including reaching out for the Lord's help and guidance, when I need that expression. It will not be a day to day picture dairy; but, rather 1-8 times a month. The pictures will mostly consist of nature scenes, as I love nature; that does include wildlife as well, such as birds and other little wildlife critters. However, every so often, the scenery may include biblical emphases and/or current photos of myself and or surroundings. What ever the background picture, it will always have an occupying poem. This is in no way to be used as a teaching tool, it is simple a poetic expression of my day as a Christian and in giving thanks to The Lord for first loving me; as you will see. Not sure how long this adventure will be, nor if I will transition it into book form. For now, I just want to express my love to The Lord in poems and pictures. I hope you enjoy my poems in this Poetic Picture Dairy and the nature scenes of God's beautiful creation. 


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