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By God's Word, I Am Sowed is Part Two of the Growing Strong in The Lord Poetry Collection. The Journey continued in this chapbook. More details on this collection below.

By God's Word, I Am Sowed

Growing Strong In The Lord Poetry 
The Lord is a great part of my life. This book demonstrates my dedication as His child. "I Am Sowed, By His Words" portrays my growth as a Christian and the many challenges I faced in this growth; as well as, the many moments of joy in knowing Him as my Lord and savior. As I grow as a Christian, my faith in Him helps strengthen me as this book helps demonstrate and hopefully will help others in their spiritual walk. Drawing near to Him is the single most important thing a Christian can do. Reading His word, The Bible, helps in gaining knowledge and wisdom of our Lord in this endeavor. 

This chapbook mostly focuses on life as a Christian and the challenges faced in today’s society as a Christian and life in the many moments of living in the joy and comfort of the Lord. I have brought many of my experiences as one living or trying to live as a Christian into the pages of this book. Have given my thoughts under poems, these will read thoughts at time of writing the poem in reference. It journeys through my spiritual growth of being a Christian in the world of today. It is not your typical lovey dovie Christian poems generated of past. It touches on moments created in the world of today. Although some poems do have emphases of love, some poems emphasize the struggles Christians face today to give encouragement to remain faithful no matter what the struggle. Remaining faithful as a Christian in society as it is today, can be very hard. I know, I experience this challenge everyday. Hope of this chapbook is that many see it is faith that gets one through, and not so much rule and regulation that so many Christians live under today. It includes 114  of Growing Strong in The Lord Poetry
Enjoy your journey; it can be amazing! 

I Am Sowed, By God's Words

Social Media Musings Collection

This chapbook collection Social Media Musings captures a year and a half  journey of life on Social Media. The journey starts with the chats on Social Media, mostly seen in "Social I, Not" book, then, transitions into a journey with the Lord, mostly seen in "Not I, But I Am" book. Was ready to settle with being by myself the rest of my life as an older single mom with children now grown. Never talked to anyone, outside family and one or two friends or family friends on the Social Media. But, I got approached by friend's request. Had a couple of challenging, however notably informative, experiences on Social Media that did not turn out so well. Brokenhearted, I had found a new love, Jesus Christ. It's still hard at times; but, during my on-going journey have wrote many poems of which this two-chapbook collection Social Media Musings contains several. Included are footnotes that tell this story in a larger setting. Due these experiences and what I have learned from them, I do currently participate on social media, however, am more cautious and wiser and rarely interact with others on a social media level. It is my message through this chapbook collection that those who are lonely, perhaps for love, that the social media and being immersed in a culture of falseness will not give you the true love one seeks that Jesus Christ can give; even to the brokenhearted. Below you will find a brief summary of these two books. 

Social I, Not, tells the chat journey in the midst of them. Shows how one can detach themselves from reality in immersing oneself in technology. What one can gain and loose if one does not pay attention to what one has in the present. It's an emotional chat journey saga, ending in redemption!

Not I, But I Am, tells the ongoing journey with the Lord and with thoughts of the past social media experience strung through out. It is a journey of self-examination where great faith is shown in the face of when social media and a culture of fakeness overwhelms. It reflects a saga of spiritual growth with tones of love. Even if not spiritual, there is hope to be gained in the poems in this chapbook; nothing short of hopeful!


        Social I, Not                   Not I, But I Am

The Rhyme It Out Project! & My Form Created Collection

The Rhyme It Out Project! is a project started in January 2019 and Why Not Rhymes was the then name of website/blog. It is the objective to draw an audience to the art of rhyming poems by displaying the different forms of poetry in poems that rhyme and are about poems and/or rhyming poems. Hope is in redeeming the art of Rhyming Poems. More about this collection under  “My Form Created & The Rhyme It Out Project!” Tab.



My Favorites
My Favorites

This poem book will be a collection of all my favorite poems presented here in one book; both those published in my 7 books currently on Amazon and poems posted here on this site that have not been included in any of my currently published books. You will be able to follow my journey from my very raw poems to my current form I created, Tervillazanelle. I do not have a time frame for publication, but will, hopefully, be out soon. 


My Memoirs

This book will present my life in book form. It will have all the good and bad details, as best I can remember, of events that have made me whom I am today. Although, some may be embarrassing to tell, this book will give the reader a look at my life as it unfolded from birth to current time of writing. To hopefully, give the reader a better understanding of the importance of always having faith in God; even through troubled times.  As with other book currently in the writing stage, I am not sure when it will be ready for publication; mostly due, waiting for events to unfold in my life. 

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