Rhyme It Out! Part 2

 ©Doris Elaine

This is the second part of the Rhyme It Out! project. In this part, will be posting poems from an A-Z list-A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,V,Z- where different forms are used than in the previous listed forms. Same concept of being rhyming poems about poems/rhyming poems. However, this project will be presented at a much slower pace than last Rhyme It Out! project.

"A" Acrostic Poetry
Acrostic is easy and fun. It simply is the spelling out of word(s) on the left hand side of the poem in the first letter of each sentence.

Rhyming Poems Fate

Reading and writing rhyming poems is great
Having an education isn't needed
Your mind is already given this trait
Making grow what's been seeded
In your thoughts becoming it's fate
Now producing where and when needed
Gathering thoughts that relate
Poems of rhyme; thus, is seeded
Opening the mind's door that await
Elevating one's thoughts exceeded
Managing to make it straight
Showing rhyming importance as preceded
Following minds growth as it dictate
Altering one's thoughts it succeeded
Toward rhyming poems intended fate
Encouraging thoughts where seeded
    ©Doris Elaine

"C" Clogyrnach Poems
Welsh Poem, six lines long.
Line 1= 8 syllables-rhyme A
Line 2= 8 syllables-rhyme A
Line 3= 5 syllables-rhyme B
Line 4= 5 syllables-rhyme B
Line 5= 3 syllables-rhyme B
Line 6= 3 syllables-rhyme A

Syllables & Rhyme You See

Syllables and rhyme this poem be
Pay attention to what is key
For rhyming it shows
This poem where it flows
Words were chose
Poem you see
    ©Doris Elaine

"E" Echo Verse Poems
Echo verse is repeating a syllable at the end of a line. Two ways to do this: One, repeat the same syllables at the end of the same line (poem below), or Two, repeat it in the very next line as one or very few words. I chose the former (first). 

Echo's The Final Sound, Found

When echo this poem rhymes, sometimes

At ending syllables they sound, around
Each other they are at times, rhymes
As I write this down, frown

It's hard to do double rhymes, sometimes

And harder to not frown, down
For this challenge primes, chimes
That echo's the final sound, found
    ©Doris Elaine

"G" Gwawdolynn Poetic Forms
Gwawdolynn poems are a poetic Welsh form. They are 4 lines per stanzas; no rule on how many stanzas. There are two versions as follows:

(x=syllables, a=rhyme and b=rhyme)

Version 1-rhyme pattern         Version 2-rhyme pattern

1-xxxxxxxxa                                1-xxxxxxxxa
2-xxxxxxxxa                               2-xxxxxxxxa
3-xxxxbxxxxb                            3-xxxxbxxxxa
4-xxxxxxxxa                               4-xxxxbxxxa

I chose 3 stanzas with version 1 being one and three stanza and version 2 is second stanza. 

The Version, I Choose...

Syllables important when it rhymes

Stanzas be four lines long where it chimes
This is line three internal rhyme the key
To making this form syllables as primes

Writing two versions one tries at times

With this one more stanza where it slims
In making syllables its paradigms
I stuck with principles as it rhymes

Now have found version one, my way chimes

New to this syllables form of primes
I do prefer version one to occur
In making this form syllables as rhymes
    ©Doris Elaine

"I" Imayo Poems
This is a 4-line Japanese poem with 12 syllables per line; however with a 5-7 caesura (pause).  No rules on rhyming.

Pausing Syllables

In writing this rhyme - pausing needed here in time
It's creation in fate - as syllables do dictate
A pause to make chime - in this poem is it's prime
Five/Seven it's trait - in this rhyme to be it's state
    ©Doris Elaine

"T" Terzanelle Poetic Form
The terzanelle poems are a mixture of two popular Italian forms of the Villanelle (refrains) and the terza rima (structured rhyming) in 19 lines. 
Here the refrain and rhyme order as follows:







Learning the Terzanelle

This terzanelle, an easy Italian form
Combining form villanelle and terza rima
Giving me a great way to perform

It's a very interesting form schema
I do like the villanelle form poem rule
A repetitive form I've learned suprema

The terza rima rhyming is cool
Giving me a way to make it rhyme
A learning curve that is made dual

This dual structure I can make chime
In learning a poem I really like
This one I can learn in a short time

In hopefully making it not a strike
My goal is to perform and learn
Hoping with this form to drop the mic

In rhyming this form I'm not concern
This terzanelle, an easy Italian form
It's dual structure one that is stern
Giving me a great way to perform
    ©Doris Elaine

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