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Social Media Musings Collection

 Social Media Musings Collection

Social I, Not
Hurts To Be Apart
Here I Go Again
True Friends Try
Distance Dreams
Stolen, Stronger Ever
Love's Missed Chance
Lying Wait
Not Meant to be Loaned
Private Writing
Costly Struggles
Acceptance Awakeness
Social Technology: Love/Hate Affair
Precious Time
Let Him Fly
Affecting Positive Action
True Love's Process
Special, Not Freely Spirited
Hurting Woman's Love
Lost, Not Forgotten
My Battle Belongs To God
Man as King, Woman as Queen
Time Moving Our Thoughts
When I think of You, and I Do
All I Need is You
I'll Wait
My Words Where A Lie
Trust: Lost and Gained
Missing You: I'm Dying
Suffer No More
I'm Patient: But!
Do We Try Again?
How Great My Wait
I Can't Do this, No More
Someone Like Me
I Believe in You
I'm Scared Too!
Emotions or Fake?
Growth Pains
Negative Makes Positive
Real Doesn't Play
Want and/or Need
If Meant To Be, It Will Be!
God's Best
Ending This Social Media Chat Journey
    ©Doris Elaine

Not I, But I Am
Of Course, I'll Never Be The Same, Thank You
Destined to Love
My Crooked Smile
Social Money Reflections
Condition of the Poor
Cowardly Used as Mimic
Love and Respect from Above
Spiritual Growth Pains
Wonderfully Made
Suffer No More
Humble in Your Sight; I Pray
Being Privatly Challenged
Innocents Betrayed
To Be Where You Don't Belong
How Many Rounds?
Real Doesn't Play-(Revisited)
Want and Need
We Are Women: We Stand Through Faith
Desperation Falling Love
The World Doesn't Stop
Spell of an Unknown Zone
Look for the Gold
Heroes are Made, Not Born!
Actions Don't Always Speak
What You Gave Me
The World May Not Like You, So What!
Women's World Socially Wrong
Money Can't Make Love
Image is Imagined Self
Their Paths, Not Mine
I Was Yours From The Start
    ©Doris Elaine

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