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The Rhyme It Out Project! Part Two Book List

 The Rhyme It Out Project! Part Two Book List

(The type of rhyme is in quotation from "A" to "V" and the name of the poem follows below) 

“A” Acrostic. 3

        Rhyming Poems Fate

“B” Byr a Thoddaid.. 4

        Rhyming Syllables

“C” Clogyrnach.. 5

        Syllables & Rhyme You See

“D" Dizain.. 6

        Rhyme Easily, Syllables Hit or Miss! 

"E" Echo Verse. 7

        Echo's The Final Sound, Found

"F" Fibonacci 8

        Rhyming Syllables Reconciled

“G” Gwawdolynn

        The Version I Choose...

“H” Hir a Thoddaid

        Second Rhyming Syllable

“I” Imayo

        Pausing Syllables

“K” " Katauta

        Love This Poem

“L” Lai 13

        This Form; Rhyme I knew

“M” Minute. 14

        Iambic Rhyme Nimbus

“N’ Noet. 15

        9 Syllable Mime

“O” Ottava Rima. 16

        10 Syllable Inspire

“P” Paradell 17

        Sentence Repeat Rhyming

“Q” Qasida

        Rhyming Qasida

“R” "Rannaigheact Mhor

       Rhyming Line Play

 "S" Shadorma Poetic From

        Syllabic Rhyme

“T” Terzanelle. 23

        Learning the Terzanelle

“V” Villanelle

        Villanelle Again

“Z” Zappi Poems

        Last Rhyming Poem

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