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The Rhymes It Out Project! - Part One Book List

 The Rhymes It Out Project! Part One Book List

(The type of rhyme is in quotation from "A" to "V" and the name of the poem follows below) 


“A” Abstract. 3

        Rhymes A Lot

“B” The Bop.. 4

        Rhyming Poems Evolution

“C” Concrete Poetry. 5

        Concrete Rhyme

“D" Dodoitsu.. 6

        Rhyming with Syllables 

"E" Epitaphs

        Rhyming Poems Epitaphs

"F" Found.. 8

        Rhyming Definition

“G” Ghazal. 9

        Rhyming Word Challenge

“H” Huitain.. 10

        A Huitain Style Performance

“I” Interlocking Rubaiyat

        Rhyming Words at Best

“K” Kyrielle.. 12

        Rhyming Form Awesome

“L” Lune.. 13

        A Rhyming Counter Challenge

“M” Magic 9.. 14

        9 Line Rhymes

“N” Noet. 15

        Fun Time Rhyme

“O” Occasional Poem... 16

        Rhyming Poems Perseverance

“P” Pantoum... 17

        Rhyming Repeats, I try

“Q” Quatern.. 18

        Poetic Line Form of Rhymes

“R” Rispetto.. 19

        Rhyming of Iambic Syllables

“S” Skeltonic Poetry. 20

        Skeltonic Rhyming Forms

“T” Tricube.. 21

        Three-by-Three Rhyme

“V” Villanelle.. 22

        Rhyming Form, I defend, Just in Time

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