Wednesday, December 8, 2021

A Poem for Thought!

  Pretty Awesome World

In this place there's much I've adored
From birds in the air to waters below
Thank You for a pretty awesome world, Lord

Seeing what You created I'm floored
Your thoughts of beauty surely does show
In this place there's much I've adored

As to our needs in this place You poured
Food, clothing, and a place to rest bestow
Thank You for a pretty awesome world, Lord

Although hard to cope this place sometimes
I've learned to the good to look upon
As the good outweighs the bad oftentimes

Happy here is what your view based on
I view the beauty You made of plenty
The love You gave us I mean, c'mon

A fabulous world than most of any
In this place there's much I've adored
Grateful to You I am of many
Thank You for a pretty awesome world, Lord
      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in our struggles or in our luxury or all that lays in between (what ever the case may be), that we forget just how beautiful this place we live. Happy here really does depend on one's view of the world we live. Sure sometimes it can be hard, very hard; but if all one sees is that then of course it will affect one's happiness. I live a struggling life, but still am happy to live in such a beautiful place and do appreciate what ever the Lord gives me. Life itself is a reason to be happy. We live in a world created by a God that had our well-being in mind, and the beauty He gave us is pretty awesome. 

Thursday, December 2, 2021

A Poem of Thought


Makes the World go Round

Due past experiences to them I frowned 
But my learning perspective has changed
As toys and tools makes the world go round

When the need for social them I found
And my life became rearranged
From the experiences to them I frowned 

Learning to some it's just a playground
Where some need this their life estranged
As toys and tools makes the world go round

Also have learned they can be a tool
If used properly, but some have misused
As in the hands of some they can make a fool

For to these tools some have abused
Making them toys out of tools alike
Have learned to this to be amused

Now that my perspective has changed
When to my past experiences I had frowned
To now my thoughts to these rearranged
As toys and tools makes the world go round 
      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: My past experiences with Social Media applications, at times, was very emotionally draining; not good. But, thanks to those experiences I now have a new perspective on Social Media applications. Leaned they can be both good and bad, depending on how one uses them. Awareness to this now amuses me. In our world we now live, it's almost impossible not to use them, or at least be curious of them. We do have a choice rather to use them or not; but, as the world moves closer and closer to a totally technological atmosphere it's a good idea and a benefit to understand and know how Social Media applications function as toys and tools, alike. After all, toys and tools makes the world go round. 

Monday, November 29, 2021

A Poem of Thought! - Wanted


Sometimes one can feel unwanted
But He will never mislead nor leave you
In knowing with the Lord you're wanted

Games people play can leave one daunted
Leaving one wondering without a clue
Can sometimes make one feel unwanted

Making sense from where it was flaunted
Resorting back to that which one knew
In knowing with the Lord you're wanted

No matter how others discard you
The Lord will never turn one away
He will always be a friend that's true

When others to one's emotions play
Causing your being emotional strain
In this affected state He's there to stay

The Lord never looks at one in disdain
Even when one feels unwanted
He helps you see with Him life's a gain
In knowing with the Lord you're wanted
      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: Emotions seem to run high these days and many people make it a point-out of boredom or just for fun-to mess with others’ emotions without any respect to themselves or others. This can sometimes leave one feeling unwanted. Never let what others do to you make you feel unwanted as you are always-no matter your state of emotional well being-wanted by the Lord. Plus, He is straight forward. He will never mislead you, nor mess with your emotions. "Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time, casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you. Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Resist him, steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same sufferings are experienced by your brotherhood in the world. But may the God of all grace, who called us to His eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after you have suffered a while, perfect, established, strengthened, and settle you. To Him be glory and the dominion for ever and ever. Amen." (1 Peter,5:6-11. NKJV).  Just stay humble and know, the Lord will work things out for you. And, above all know, with the Lord you are wanted!

Friday, November 26, 2021

Alone Time


Hey Guys,
Was going to write a poem for this, but decided to just use my talking voice; instead. Some people get lonely and miserable when they spend time to themselves; especially if single. It's easy to get lonely and depressed by yourself when you have nothing to do. Seems one focuses more on loneliness if one is just sitting around doing nothing or just watching T.V. by one's self. Staying busy on a project or interest allows one not to think or feel so much about being by one's self nor in being lonely. Writing poetry and learning how to publish in paperback and eBook has really helped me a great deal in this area.  But, one can easily get bored with your alone time adventure. I can probably kick out a poem in just about any topic I feel I can relate to; however, my adventure in that area in the help it has supplied me is slowing down. Not that I want occasionally write a poem and post here, just that I need and want another adventure to fill my alone time. Although I do read and study my Bible and can never completely understand it's content, and although I am gaining in my relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ and know without a doubt how important and necessary that is for me; seems, life has taken on a new light in adventure in my time alone. Of course I will, without fail, continue to read and study the Bible and spend silent time with our Lord in gaining a closer relationship with our Lord as that is extremely important to me. And know that He will and has helped me with the loneliness I feel at times. Knowing God will provide my external and internal needs is the faith I have.  But just sitting around waiting on something to happen that I've been waiting on for a very long time gets me antsy sometimes; so, I have to be doing something. Am still working on my next book project that I will announce soon; however I prioritize that project as a mission to complete in due time. In the meantime, to keep from getting bored I needed more to do.  I don't really give up on adventures, as much as I get bored with them. But, I believe, through a very weird channel, I found something that peaks my interest. It will be years, a great deal of learning and some trail and error hands on experience before I will get bored with this; if ever. It will be a challenge as it being something I know very little about; but, I like a challenge and are looking forward to the adventure it will provide. Prefer not to say what it is. I just know that in addition to my life long journey with the Lord, this adventure will take me to a place of comfort in knowing I'm not just sitting around doing nothing; Idly being lonely and depressed. That I am being productive with my alone time doing and learning something that may in the long run benefit me and my children when I go home to the Lord. 

Point is: Rather than being lonely and bored (Believe it or not, these are two different emotions), one can create and/or find an alone-time adventure in doing something of interest and productivity; of course, one that is morally and legally right. Then maybe one would not think or have time to concentrate on one's loneliness and/or depression. Why waste time sitting around and worrying about being alone, causing yourself more depression that loneliness can sometime bring? And, why be bored?

And remember:

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

A Poem of Thought for Thanksgiving


Thankful for Your Friendship

You were there when my life did slip
Your love and care lifted me up with grace
I'm saying, I'm thankful for Your friendship

Now to life I'm able to get a grip
Troubles in life I'm now able to face
Because You were there when my life did slip

You helped me in life to be equip
In learning to love life in this place
I'm saying, I'm thankful for Your friendship

Sometimes to life I'm a bit confused
When hurt in giving no bad intentions
But You taught me to laugh at this amused

You eased in life my mental tension
Giving your support, amazed greatly
Helping me with Your Devine intervention

Now my worries are thoughts sedately
Because your were there when my life did slip
More of a friend now, than anyone else lately
I'm saying, I'm thankful for Your friendship 
      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: Very thankful, this Thanksgiving,  for many things in life; especially for life itself. Thankful to God for giving me life, and Thankful to Jesus Christ for saving my life. Also, very Thankful for family and friends that put up with me in standing by my side, through thick and thin, this past year. Thank you all for Your Friendship!