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New Blog!

 Hi guys,  I know I haven’t been very active here, but there’s a good reason. I’m in transition to a new to me logging site. Sense the domain hooked to this site does not run out for some months you will on occasion see a post here. To check out my new blog go to my author’s site link below.
Recent posts

Go poets!

 I ask a book marketing expert and author if he could write a book to help poet authors and he replied with “poetry is too small of a genre to be worth my time”. His words exactly! Oh…I see. He’s evidently gotten too big for his pants to help an on the rise genre-us poets-that is and will soon catch up with nonfiction and fiction writers. He claimed he has to weigh the return in investments. Well, poets might be a small genre, right now, that’s not worth his time in investments, he deemed, but, a genre that is on the rise would seem to be a pretty good long-term investment. I mean, you don’t see many books that focuse on helping poets in publishing and marketing. That being the case, with all the poets out there-more and more everyday-struggling yet rising to voice their poetry in this chaotic world that badly needs it, would seem to make a written book to help them sell like hotcakes; especially since there aren’t hardly, if any,  books focusing on this deemed small, yet rising, genre

A Tervillazanell (My Form Create) New Poem for You

  Now, I'm Not Broken How mighty Your Love when I'm heartbroken For You do come to my rescue when I say I'm fine, but I'm not, I'm broken When to my heart Your kindness has spoken Healing to my soul then does begin  How mighty Your Love when I'm heartbroken Making sure my heart rises to unbroken Your Love gave place when to that again I say I'm fine, but I'm not, I'm broken Thanks to You my heart is now healing The hurt which caused my soul to break Your place deep down now is appealing My spirit rises with Your Love to awake  In knowing You love me no matter How long it does take to heal my ache When in this world my soul had shatter Mighty Your Love when I was heartbroken  You served Your Love on a golden platter With You now, I say, I'm not broken ©Doris Elaine

Sadly Informing

 Hi guys, I’m will be making many decision over the course of the next several months. Sadly I’ve made one decision that was a really hard decision for me to make. I’m letting my longtime  “rhymes” name to my blog go. I’ve used that name in one way or another now for several years. I have also used the “redemptive” name in different ways for a few years now. I’m letting both names go. You see, I’ve come to a place where I’m not writing much poetry. I’ve written close to 800 poem-including those unpublished and or tossed-over the course of the last six years; most of which was out of the need to express myself in poetry as that being the only way I could at the time. However, now my expressionable needs have changed. I will be focusing more on writing post, articles, novellas and or novels (maybe), and just plain promoting rhyming poetry on occasion; after all I still prefer rhyming poetry and did creat my own rhyming form. It wouldn’t make since for me to pull away from poetry altogeth

Change is coming!

 Hey guys! Just want you, my dedicated and wonderful audience to know I’m making changes to my blog; which you will see in the coming months. In addition, I am working hard to reformat, then relaunch, my books. This is why the Memoir book is taking so long. For that I do apologize. I was gifted a writing software for my birthday and the learning curve is kind of steep, so different than Microsoft Word; but I’ll get it. You will notice my activity here to be a bit slow while I work on my books. I also hold down a job which cuts into my time to work on my writing; so my time to write is currently limited. Please bear with me as I work on my writing endeavors.  Thank you, wonderful people. I appreciate the attentiveness you all give me.  ~Doris

Why Rhyming Poetry?

  First let me say, Poetry in a worldwide language found in every nation of the world. According to  Dr. LATHA VELAVAN Asst. Professor of English , In her article The Study of Poetry (find article link below) "Poetry is the first type of literature found in all the nations of the world. It enables people to read and understand other branches of Knowledge. Philosophers and historians started writing their works in poetic forms." (ph. 27). Her article is 37 pages long, but well worth the read; very enlightening. Did you know in Greek the word poet means, maker or creator. I wanted to put that whole bulleted section of her article, but it would have been way too long. Basically in that section of her article, she is giving a synoposist of a critic of poetry and a fan of poetry squaring off. The fan does a very good job in showing the advantages and superiority of poetry: "Conclusion: Sidney has established the superiority of poetry over other branches of learning. He has s

Happy Easter Blessings