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New Blog!

 Hi guys,  I know I haven’t been very active here, but there’s a good reason. I’m in transition to a new to me logging site. Sense the domain hooked to this site does not run out for some months you will on occasion see a post here. To check out my new blog go to my author’s site link below.

New Poem "Losing Faith in Humankind"

  Losing Faith in Humankind How You must feel when to us You aligned And we let You down time after time It hurts when You lose faith in humankind Through Your Son Your love for us redesigned Giving us hope in this faith to attain Showing feelings to us You designed When hard for us to believe in mankind For faith in others can leave a stain As it hurts losing faith in humankind It's the worse feeling when faith is lost Especially when in mankind it's gone The pain resides deep inside at cost Wondering how in this one lives on It's faith in You that gives us reason When faith in mankind is withdrawn   When to faith in man becomes treason You felt this when to us You aligned In You my faith will get through this season Thou, it hurts losing faith in humankind                         ©Doris Elaine

New Poem dedicated to Our Lord

  Thank You, Keeping my Heart Safe Heartbroken, You have become my failsafe When in this world warmth of care runs thin Thank You for holding & keeping my heart safe As emotions to this becomes chafe In thinking it impossible to bare in Heartbroken, You have become my failsafe Making known to me that once was unsafe I now live in this love affair within Thank You for holding & keeping my heart safe Embracing the care You made known to me I know this world is not all that bad For in Your care it's Your love I now see No matter heartbroken that past I had You gave me hope of a future bright For in Your arms I'm no longer sad Keeping You there my heart holds on tight Heartbroken, You have become my failsafe Now my being excels this world despite Thank You for holding & keeping my heart safe                          ©Doris Elaine

Book Announcement

 Hey Guys, Announcing my latest published book, My Faves (Not) , that is now available on Amazon. It is part two of the My Faves series; which includes poems not published in part one and really are not my favorites of that series. Part One book format, also updated. This series is a full collection of my poems published in all my books and those on this site; excluding poems in the Poetic Picture Dairy section, up until time of publication. Links to books on the pictures. Now onto my next writing adventure of my memoirs book (release date to be determined).  Blessings and enjoy! My Faves (Not) Part Two  My Faves Part One

Two Poems' previews from Growing Strong in The Lord "I Am Sowed - Part One"

 Hi guys, Here two poem previews from Growing Strong in The Lord series, "I Am Slowed - Part One", now in My Faves book. We all struggle in one way or another; especially today. For single and coupled parents alike, it's hard when you don't have the funds to give your child(ren) a holiday you wish you could. In these struggling times, always remember you give a gift that has infinite value that money can't buy; the gift Love. Giving one your love is the most precious gift one can give in this upcoming holiday season. Let these poems be a reminder of that and be thankful in giving and in giving of this precious gift! The Skill and Strength of Love     Truth be told, this world money talks People are taught this from young Raised under this skill, love soon walks To one, love of money is then sung   Where one is given the skill of struggle In survival, one is taught strong For love of money, there no juggle In the skill of survival, love there last long   Let t

Poem preview from "I Am Sowed" Growing Strong in The Lord - Part One

 Here a poem from Growing Strong in The Lord - Part One (I Am Sowed) , now in My Faves book . It speaks of how we Christians need to try to understand how to effectively deliver God's message in today's language as yesterday's language isn't always effective. We can call on God to help us be strong in this endeavor.  A New Normal   There’s a new normal for today What was yesterday is no longer But it’s the same for Christians some say   In learning God’s word to stay stronger Yes, we must in order not to stray However, our approach now as a warmonger   In speaking His word in order to convey The message, in hoping it to stay longer Our voice not afraid as we speak and pray This a new normal today for us to be stronger     Thoughts : Today in society’s turmoil and disbelief Christians must learn to be strong and wise. That is a challenge in deliverance of God’s message-the truth. We must learn to speak today’s language. For there’s a spiritual war at hand and we

A Poem Preview from "Growing Strong in The Lord - Part One"

Here a poem from "Growing Strong in The Lord - Part One", now in My Faves book.  This poem hits close to my heart. It's very true, we can't pick our kin folks. But we can chose how we decide to interact with our kin; our blood. That being said, God gave us each other on purpose as a blessing towards each other. In this, some may waver in the treatment they give each another simply because once adulthood comes into play, some may not agree and/or approve of the action(s) of a blood kin. In today's society, seems more care and attention is given to the waters of societal preference over God given blood-ship; in a sense, making water thicker than blood. It's important to remember God's gift of blood-kin in swimming this vast ocean of today's society.  Water Thicker Than Blood In the aspect of reality blood is thicker than water But, in the aspect of society today water seems thicker The idea of family society now has slaughter Now accepting one as kin as

Another Poem from "Growing Strong in The Lord - Part One

 Hi Guys, Here a poem preview from "Growing Strong in The Lord - Part One" now featured in My Faves. I really like this poem for the hope it gives us all. Hope of an eternal future comes in trusting and believing in the Lord. Never give up Hope! Hope: That Not Seen     Sometimes you don’t see things well Blind spots, the devil creates between You and where your spirit does dwell Then hope becomes that not seen   Sometimes your just want to yell As some people become to you mean In their need to greatly compel As hope becomes that not seen   Sometimes you just try to excel When others coming onto the scene Giving to you your moment dispel Then hope becomes that not seen   All the time the Lord does foretell Us to come to Him to convene When in this world your dreams fell As hope becomes that not seen Thoughts: To keep going when it seems odds are against you and/or the service you are trying to give requires Hope and that Hope is Trust in the Lord, its okay to have Hope; a