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Showing posts from November 4, 2022

Something Beautiful

   Something Beautiful   I've learned to this indisputable  As no one else can do it like You can Turn broken into something beautiful Making that broken to self suitable  Finishing that within where it began I've learned to this indisputable  Turning inside out to approvable In showing Your glory as You than Turn broken into something beautiful As one allows You to sew together The pieces that shattered deep within One's transformation new altogether A portrait of spiritual growth wherein You replace one's damaged soul anew As You bestow Your love to one therein Then one learns a love once never knew I've learned to this it's indisputable As love did blossom giving a breakthrough Turning broke into something beautiful                      ©Doris Elaine

Poem Preview

  Here a poem from "Growing Strong in The Lord, Part One" now in My Faves book. Sometimes it seems you wait and wait for something to happen in your life when the Lord is actually moving things along to make that thing you want to happen so badly in Him assuring, first, it happens in His timing and second, it happens for the best of all involved. Patience here is a virtue in letting Him make what ever you are praying for happen in His timing because His timing is the best time.  It Just Wasn’t Time When disappointed it wasn’t your time Rather, a connection or a place to be made You don’t always see it ahead of time As in sometimes the moment does fade Because it just wasn’t time   Thrust in the Lord God, you’ve prayed Hope comes to you meantime As He provides you not to be afraid Even when you’ve waited a lifetime   Your way He makes just in time No need to ever be dismayed He will make your wait as prime Because it just wasn’t time   Thoughts : When it seems you are