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Something Beautiful

   Something Beautiful   I've learned to this indisputable  As no one else can do it like You can Turn broken into something beautiful Making that broken to self suitable  Finishing that within where it began I've learned to this indisputable  Turning inside out to approvable In showing Your glory as You than Turn broken into something beautiful As one allows You to sew together The pieces that shattered deep within One's transformation new altogether A portrait of spiritual growth wherein You replace one's damaged soul anew As You bestow Your love to one therein Then one learns a love once never knew I've learned to this it's indisputable As love did blossom giving a breakthrough Turning broke into something beautiful                      ©Doris Elaine

Acrostic Poem for Thought

    Family Perspective F amiliar in relation to each other A ll about living in this perspective  M aking the best life with one another I n this being the ultimate objective L oving each other as sister and brother Y our relation given from God as selective   P recious the moments to this rather E ven when disagreements hinder this directive R emembering as children best times together S pecial as given to make life smoother P ast the struggles as adults, this subjective E levating each other in life further C elebrating life given in pain by mother T otally forgiving when put in this respective  I n making life easier one to another V aluable to God, family meant to be effective E ven today as adults, we are sister and brother                              ©Doris Elaine  Thoughts : Seems today, the importance of family has diminished. As we mature as sisters and brothers we sometimes have major disagreements in the life styles our siblings choose or are thrown into; which can sometime