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Something Beautiful

   Something Beautiful   I've learned to this indisputable  As no one else can do it like You can Turn broken into something beautiful Making that broken to self suitable  Finishing that within where it began I've learned to this indisputable  Turning inside out to approvable In showing Your glory as You than Turn broken into something beautiful As one allows You to sew together The pieces that shattered deep within One's transformation new altogether A portrait of spiritual growth wherein You replace one's damaged soul anew As You bestow Your love to one therein Then one learns a love once never knew I've learned to this it's indisputable As love did blossom giving a breakthrough Turning broke into something beautiful                      ©Doris Elaine

Moving Announcement!

 Hi Guys, A heads up! I will be off-line for about a week or two as am going to be in the process of moving. This is my last post until I get settled into my new place. Will be packing my computer after this post. I'm excited, as this is only the second time in my life that I will have a place all to myself and the first time, decades ago, was very, very short lived at only a month. I'm praying this to be my final move.  Be back Soon!

New Poem

  Anything But That To this I've thought about and arrived at One thing I want do is give up my faith I would do anything for you, but that Have even pondered giving up my cat Although this to my being may cause wraith In this I've thought about and arrived at In hope to our union in thought I sat But to this it would become interfaith I would do anything for you, but that No mistaken my love for you is strong But to this life I look way beyond As what you ask, for my soul is wrong Although with you we have a strong bond What you want me to do I can't do For in grief my soul would badly respond Honoring your desire I would be blue To this I've thought about and arrived at Cant' give up my faith in my heart that's true I would do anything for you, but that ©Doris Elaine

Another Poem from "Growing Strong in The Lord - Part One"

  Hi Guys, This poem from "Growing Strong in The Lord - Part One" is one of my favorites as it says a great deal about The Lord intervening in my life and I am very Thankful He did. It relates to this Bible passage,  "And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength"  (Mark 12:30. NKJV). The Lord can give us all a new start; no matter one's past.  By Mind, Heart, Soul, & Flesh   Who I was before You, I did not know For You gave me a total refresh Where every part of me did grow By mind, heart, soul, and flesh   Gave my mind knowledge that You bestow And straight to my heart You did mesh Making my soul to become aglow   Thank You Lord, for the love that did flow You helped me grow, gave me a total refresh Who I was before You, I did not know By mind, heart, soul, and flesh   Thoughts: Sometimes I forgot to stay focused on who’s important in my life and how the Lord is a great pa

Poem/Quote from "Growing Strong in The Lord" - Part One

 Guys, Here a poem/quote from Growing Strong in The Lord , Part One, "I Am Sowed, By God's Words". A word up to the Lord asking for His guidance and help does make a difference in any situation; particularly where anger is involved. It does take more courage to calm down, say a pray, then try to defuse the situation, rather then adding to it.  Courage That Day 🐅 Having courage to do what’s right Isn’t easy in our world today Even when trying with all your might Situations seem to make you stray On these times, sometimes best to be quite Then ask His strength as you pray Your words He can then make right Courage then becomes yours that day     Thoughts: Sometimes facing a difficult situation that may lead to an argument, taking time to send a personal pray to God is more courageous than feeding an argument with words.

Poem from "Growing Strong in The Lord" - Part One

 Hello Guys, As mentioned, I will continue to show previews of poems from my seven books that My Faves , now published, consist of and in the book sequence they are presented in the book. So, this is the first poem in the Growing Strong in The Lord collection. Some poems from that collection were not posted on my site; thus, there is no way for me to know for sure when I wrote the poems, so the dates are not included with the Growing Strong in The Lord collection. However, I did include the thoughts that accompany the poems in the book My Faves and will include them here in the preview of that collection. This poem is from Part One, " I Am Sowed, By God's Words ", of that collection.  One Day, We Will Meet I know the day will come We will meet on your terms To know of Your Kingdom come As my soul does always affirms That is how it’s to be For one day, we will meet This encounter the best of all As for thee my heart does beat In breaking down the wall Of existence to be

Announcement - Book Project Finished!

 Hey Guys, I finished the "My Faves" book project before I finish the previews of my seven books here in my posts. However, I will continue with the previews in the sequence of the books as they are listed in "My Faves" book. My Faves book is 350 pages. Interior is white pages with color and the outside is glossy. It is a collection of some of the poems from all seven of my other books and of some poems posted on my site that are not published until now. Happy Reading! You can find "My Faves" on Amazon, along with the seven other books under Doris Elaine. You can additionally click on book link below. My Faves

Last Poem in Rhyme it Out! Part Two

 Guys This is the last poem in The Rhyme It Out Project! Part Two . It is a very easy form to make rhyme and create. From here I will be previewing Growing Strong in The Lord collection, as the final book in The Rhyme It Out Project , My Form Created , is the form I mostly write now; so, it is presented towards the end of My Faves book. I am presenting the books and poems on my site here in the same order as they are presented in My Faves book.    “Z” Zappi  – “Last Rhyming Poem”     “Z” Zappi The Zappi are similar to a haiku, but unlike it , as well. The seasonal reference of a haiku this from does not contain. The syllable pattern is 5-7-5.         Last Rhyming Poem   Finally, this done A rhyming project at end Syllables, last one  

Two Poems from "The Rhyme It Out Project! - Part Two"

 Hi Guys, This poem,  Learning the Terzanelle,   is wrote in one of the poem forms I used to create my own form in my book My Form Created, Tervillazanelle. It is one of my favorite poem forms as it rhymes. It is similar to the Villanelle, however, different in the rhyming sequence as you can see in the Villanelle posted under the Terzanelle poem where I wrote a second Villanelle for part two of The Rhyme It Out Project! .  “T” Terzanelle  – “Learning the Terzanelle” “T” Terzanelle Poetic Form The terzanelle poems are a mixture of two popular Italian forms of the Villanelle (refrains) and the terza rima (structured rhyming) in 19 line. Here the refrain and rhyme order as follows:   A1 B A2   b C B   c D C   d E D   e F E   f A1 F A2     Learning the Terzanelle   This terzanelle, an easy Italian form Combining form villanelle and terza rima Giving me a great way to perform   It’s a   very interesting from schema I do like the vil

First Poem from "The Rhyme It Out Project!, Part Two"

 Guys, This is the first poem of Part Two of The Rhyme It Out Project! . It's form is Acrostic; which, is one of my favorite forms. Some poets have even accomplished a double Acrostic poem where in addition to the left side spelling something, the right side also spells out something. I did attempt to do a double Acrostic, but could not due my criteria for poems is they rhyme. A double Acrostic that rhymes is near impossible; as I did find out. However, I haven't given up on that idea and when and if I do accomplish a double acrostic that rhymes, of course I will post it. For now here you go with a regular Acrostic poem that speaks of rhyming poetry. “A” Acrostic – “Rhyming Poems Fate”   "A" Acrostic Poetry Acrostic is easy and fun. It simply is the spelling out of word(s) on the left hand side of the poem in the first letter of each sentence. Rhyming Poems Fate R eading and writing rhyming poems is great H aving an education isn't needed Y our mind is al

Last Poem from "The Rhyme It Out Project - Part One"

 Hi Guys, This is the last poem and poem form in The Rhyme It Out Project!, Part One. It is one of my favorites as it is a rhyming form. And, it is one of the forms I combined in developing my own form.  “V” Villanell e – " Rhyming Form, I defend, Just in Time" “V” Villanelle The villanelle is French form, like most other French poems, incorporates a strict rhyme scheme and repetition. The villanelle is a quadratic poem that is five tercets consisting of line lengths of 8-10 syllables. The first and third lines of the first stanza become refrains that repeat throughout the poem. Here is how it should look: A (1) b A (2)   a b A(1)   a b A (2)   a b A (1)   a b A (2)   a b A (1) A (2)     Rhyming Form, I defend, Just in Time   This being the last form of poems that rhyme Where the journey comes to an end Finishing this rhyming project just in time   Hoping the point made as they chime That rhyming poems can become th

Two Poems from "The Rhyme It Out Project!- Part One"

Guy, These two poems, from The Rhyme It Out Project!-Part One , were two that gave me a slight challenge, but then turned out to be fun; as well. Hope I did them justice.  “N” Noet – “Fun Time Rhyme”     “N’ Noet The noet is another very simple to understand form. It is a nine-line poem that starts at line one with nine syllables and decreases a number in syllables with each line; so by the time line nine is formed it is one syllable word.       Fun Time Rhyme   This form a fun challenge to make rhyme Only hoping that it’s not near miss Giving thought to allow time Making it rhyme like this Hoping to be prime Not hit and miss Had fun time In this Rhyme “T” Tricube  – “Three-by-Three Rhyme”           “T” Tricube The tricube is a simple quadratic form of a mathematical poem. Here are the guidelines: Each line contains three syllables Each stanza contains three lines Each poem contains three stanzas   Three-by-Three Rhyme Three by three Where it rhymes This po

First Poem from "T he Rhyme It Out Project" - Part One

 This is the first poem in The Rhyme It Out Project! , collection, book A-V. The first two books in that collection are about rhyme forms and are rhyming poems; mostly about that rhyme form. It was a hard and engaging project that actually taught me a great deal about the different poem forms to the point I created my own poem form; which, is the final book in this collection. Previews of that book will come much later. For now, here we go with the preview of "My Faves" from this collection.  "A" Abstract According to Wikipedia, Edith Sitwell used the term "abstract" in the same context as Sound poetry, meaning that the sound, texture, and rhythm of the poem is what makes it an abstract, more so than the meaning of the words. Rhymes A Lot Poems formed as abstract Most often than not Are written in order to attract Emotions from which they brought Meaning of words soon forgot That have no real plot Only given not much to thought For the words not caught

Last Poem from "Not I, But I Am"

 Hi Guys, This is the last poem in my book, Not I, But I Am. I was and still are feeling thankful for the Lord being with me from birth. The tree represents growth, as you will see them on most all my books except on The Rhyme It Out Project collection, as most those in that collection (First two) are about poems and poem forms. And, that is the collection preview coming next.  I was Yours from the Start You made it crystal clear to me I came early in setting me apart In this world I wasn’t meant to be With weak lungs, destined to depart Being number four of six my decree Born elsewhere than them was my start Rare as a lefty, most would agree As some would say this sets me apart Four life threating accidents, I thank thee For in your care I did not depart With you Lord I was destined to be In this world, I was yours from the start December 31, 2018 (Realizing and Thankful for God’s Grace on my Life)     Trust GOD with your Life for He is True LOVE

New Poem

    Obligated Now When to here my being got lost somehow You stepped in filling a necessary need Give me strength as I'm obligated now For to broken my heart would not allow As to this my being greatly agreed When to here my being got lost somehow But my soul spoke to my heart in how When You came with love, my soul then freed Give me strength as I'm obligated now When in my life obligations did change You Lord gave me reason to move on In making things for me not so strange For I thought the love I had was gone But You showed me love that never ends In this agreement my soul rest upon Now in my heart and soul love transcends When to here my being got lost somehow You came along and we became friends Giving me strength to be obligated now         ©Doris Elaine  

Poem from "Not I, But I Am"

 Guys, I was in a place of doubt in myself; but, then realized that even if no-one else approves or likes me, it's okay because God loves and accepts me as I am. I wouldn't imagine myself any other way than as I am and God's approval and acceptance of me is good enough in accepting myself as I am.  Image is Imagined Self     I imagine myself to be Clothed in societies view That most prefer to see In making me feel all new This view seems accepted to me For with the attention I finally grew In that view most seem to agree Is a necessary comfort to thee In order to be socially free However, moral conviction limits my glee Comfort then can become my plead Where self-image suffers to a degree One born again for others to see Self-image is then mine to be   November 18, 2018 (Deciding no matter, societies view of me, what’s important is my faith in following the Lord. And, knowing that He appreciates me as I am)