Poem from "Growing Strong in The Lord" - Part One

 Hello Guys,

As mentioned, I will continue to show previews of poems from my seven books that My Faves, now published, consist of and in the book sequence they are presented in the book. So, this is the first poem in the Growing Strong in The Lord collection. Some poems from that collection were not posted on my site; thus, there is no way for me to know for sure when I wrote the poems, so the dates are not included with the Growing Strong in The Lord collection. However, I did include the thoughts that accompany the poems in the book My Faves and will include them here in the preview of that collection. This poem is from Part One, "I Am Sowed, By God's Words", of that collection. 

One Day, We Will Meet


I know the day will come
We will meet on your terms
To know of Your Kingdom come
As my soul does always affirms
That is how it’s to be
For one day, we will meet
This encounter the best of all
As for thee my heart does beat
In breaking down the wall
Of existence to be complete
For in You, my soul did befall
Thus, glorious of Us the day We meet!

 Thoughts: Being appreciative of the Lord accepting me into His Kingdom and highly looking forward to this encounter in the afterlife.



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