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Showing posts from June 15, 2021

New Blog!

 Hi guys,  I know I haven’t been very active here, but there’s a good reason. I’m in transition to a new to me logging site. Sense the domain hooked to this site does not run out for some months you will on occasion see a post here. To check out my new blog go to my author’s site link below.

A Poem for Thought

  Fun is Allowed Although to the Lord your being is vowed As human we learn to relax and laugh In being Christian, fun is allowed A laughter in joy swell to that out loud Giving yourself freely on His behalf As to the Lord your being is vowed So special to Him our laughter made proud Not like Aaron and the golden calf But, being a Christian, fun is allowed Only know it's in morals and motive That God allows moments of joy As in His Words the Apostles wrote of  Life He created for us to enjoy Expecting us to live in Him happy To this a laughter our voice deploy But, unmoral motives can make unhappy As to the Lord your being is vowed Cheerful we be, not as wicked happy Being a Christian SOME fun is allowed       ©Doris Elaine Thoughts : You know, there is a huge misconception that being a Christian eliminates all fun in one's life. That's not true! As a matter of fact, being a Christian is very exciting; especially when one see's the Lord working in one's life, and th