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Showing posts from September 25, 2022

Something Beautiful

   Something Beautiful   I've learned to this indisputable  As no one else can do it like You can Turn broken into something beautiful Making that broken to self suitable  Finishing that within where it began I've learned to this indisputable  Turning inside out to approvable In showing Your glory as You than Turn broken into something beautiful As one allows You to sew together The pieces that shattered deep within One's transformation new altogether A portrait of spiritual growth wherein You replace one's damaged soul anew As You bestow Your love to one therein Then one learns a love once never knew I've learned to this it's indisputable As love did blossom giving a breakthrough Turning broke into something beautiful                      ©Doris Elaine

New Acrostic Poem

    Golden Years                                                                             G one are the days of youth O nto the next season we now face  L onely can sometimes become truth   D etermining where in life one's place E liminating that stress in making smooth N ow in this season, one does embrace   Y ears gone by the past has erase E ver so close to the Gospel truth A ligning one's self to the original birthplace R emembering God gave life in-truth  S eniors we are, now loving life in grace                    ©Doris Elaine