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New Blog!

 Hi guys,  I know I haven’t been very active here, but there’s a good reason. I’m in transition to a new to me logging site. Sense the domain hooked to this site does not run out for some months you will on occasion see a post here. To check out my new blog go to my author’s site link below.

Humorous Poetry, Good For The Soul

Here is a good article with tips on writing funny poetry. Although,  had  not thought about writing humorous poetry, I've learned in writing them, or in my case trying to write them, it helps my soul navigate through challenges in my life. If you need a little humorous expression in your life, please read article below. Not good at humorous poetry, but have tried. How about you? by  Poetry Power 

Poem For Thought!

Disconnect To Connect D id you respond to my post? I s there a new text in last half hour? S hould I have smileys the most? C an I connect to gain power? O n social media can I boast? N ow can I connect on my browser? N itwit, is it your posted picture I roast? E ager, where are profiles I can devour? C onnecting, who likes me innermost? T o who on social media can I make sour? T oday technology is coast-to-coast. O nly face-to-face one cannot cower. C onnecting face-to-face one is truly seen most! O nly then can one develop willpower! N othing hidden when one is close! N ot to mention, together it can flower! E levating the relationship, the most! C onnecting in person better by the hour! T o where one can give true love as host!    ©Doris Elaine Thoughts: Sometimes it so easy to get so wrapped in technology, in particular, the social media that we forget to pay attention to important events and people in our presence. Seems its always better and has more a longevity in relationships

Christianity & Poetry

This article reflects on Biblical poetry and the importance of it's truth in the Bible. Additional, shows the importance of poetry's inspiration in Christianity.  Please Read! by

A Poem for Thought!

All I Knew Was It Hurts! The pain starts deep inside Crushing your heart as it diverts Now seeing nothing as you complied All you know is it hurts! The not knowing what's implied When seeking God one exerts Praying to Him as your guide All you know is it hurts! He comforts you as you cried Giving to you joy He inserts Pain that was, now gone inside All you knew was it hurts!    ©Doris Elaine Thoughts: Sometimes its hard to see where the Lord is leading one and the not knowing can cause pain deep inside. But, the journey can also be amazingly wonderful even when not knowing where the journey leads. Sometimes only knowing the Lord and trusting His guidance is all you need. Joy comes out of the pain of not knowing when one puts there faith in the Lord in trusting Him with your life.  Proverbs 3: 5-6 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding: In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths"  (NKJV).