Poem For Thought!

Disconnect To Connect

Did you respond to my post?
Is there a new text in last half hour?
Should I have smileys the most?
Can I connect to gain power?
On social media can I boast?
Now can I connect on my browser?
Nitwit, is it your posted picture I roast?
Eager, where are profiles I can devour?
Connecting, who likes me innermost?
To who on social media can I make sour?

Today technology is coast-to-coast.
Only face-to-face one cannot cower.

Connecting face-to-face one is truly seen most!
Only then can one develop willpower!
Nothing hidden when one is close!
Not to mention, together it can flower!
Elevating the relationship, the most!
Connecting in person better by the hour!
To where one can give true love as host!
   ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: Sometimes it so easy to get so wrapped in technology, in particular, the social media that we forget to pay attention to important events and people in our presence. Seems its always better and has more a longevity in relationships when face-to-face.  


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