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Something Beautiful

   Something Beautiful   I've learned to this indisputable  As no one else can do it like You can Turn broken into something beautiful Making that broken to self suitable  Finishing that within where it began I've learned to this indisputable  Turning inside out to approvable In showing Your glory as You than Turn broken into something beautiful As one allows You to sew together The pieces that shattered deep within One's transformation new altogether A portrait of spiritual growth wherein You replace one's damaged soul anew As You bestow Your love to one therein Then one learns a love once never knew I've learned to this it's indisputable As love did blossom giving a breakthrough Turning broke into something beautiful                      ©Doris Elaine

Poem from "Not I, But I Am"

  Guys, Another poem from  Not I, But I Am , with this poem came a hard truth about myself. I had realized through the hard struggle as a single mother, I had hardened my heart. One good thing, I guess, that did come with the chats on Social Media, was my heart getting cracked/broken; thus, now knowing how to bleed. In other words, my harness as a single mother has softened allowing love in once again.   What You Gave Me   The journey presented hard for me but the result did improve. What once was my reality; now resulting in my approve. In becoming my actuality what you gave me did remove found weakness I can now agree; was my heart that couldn’t move. Realizing this I wanted to flee, but instead, now given a reprove. My place, I now stand in glee, for what you gave to me, a heart that knows how to bleed.   September 27, 2018 (Before these social media chats, because of my great struggle as a single mom, I had hardened my heart. These chats cracked my heart; which allowed love in)

New Poem "I Had A Dream"

  I Had A Dream My thoughts circle back to the extreme Of the things I have seen wondering As to why from You I had a dream To this my being does want to scream As sometimes the dream leaves me pondering When my thoughts circle back to the extreme Then in my thoughts the dream ranks supreme When my being awakes discovering As to why from You I had a dream Given me the dream of Your kingdom come And now to this I greatly thank thee In helping me see what is to become To this now my being does agree You Lord are above this world as King Where peace does exist, a place of glee Understanding this my being does sing As my thoughts circle back to the extreme Wishing to all a dream You would bring Knowing now why from You I had a dream         ©Doris Elaine  

Two Poems from Not I, But I Am

Guys, Decided to include this poem in the preview of "My Faves" book, just to show I can write some quirky poems, perhaps, not so good; which, I have already displayed. Well, here it is. But, I do try to have meaning with all my poems. The meaning here is simply any situation that turns into a wake up call.  Spell of an Unknown Zone   Time can be of the essence When continuing one’s path Lighting the way, its fluorescence Believing one to be un-wrath That spell-bounds one unknown But, one’s future seems clear When tethered the path that’s shown Leading one to believe no fear However, in time the light dims Then it all becomes naturally clear As road signs luminescent slims One ask, what kind of spell has one stuck On a road origin unknown now blown Slowing the pace saying, what the f… Breaking the spell of an unknown zone     September 23, 2018 (Waking up and realizing everything will be okay. No matter))  Guys, In the

A Reflection on the past; troubling.

 Hey guys, Putting together "My Faves" book from all my published books is so very hard. Not in the sense of working on it; but, in bring back memories. I've cried, I've smiled, I've laughed at myself, and I've wondered why and if only. However, I do believe this project has helped me come to grips with my past in being able to move forward better. Sometimes, reflecting on one's past can give one zest and vigor in looking forward to one's future and in becoming a shining example of strength. What an amazing journey my poem writing effort has been in the comfort of knowing the Lord has highly blessed me to do so. Stay tuned for more poems of my seven published books to come. Have a blessed day! - DE 

Poem from "Not I, But I Am"

 Guy, With this poem I was upset and tried that T.E. had me going in circles trying to figure out rather he was real, serious, or a scammer. Felt like I was in a battle with our chat being a reality or not, as he would talk then stop for a while then be nice enough to ask for something, then mean when I told him no; thus, rounds of back and forth nonsense.  How Many Rounds?     The gloves are on for battle, Learning each other our first tackle How many rounds? Hits made drawing pain. Assuming a place now to gain. How many rounds? Silence in place for more hits, Both ready to call it quits. How many rounds? Not ready to walk away, In both deciding to stay. How many rounds? In this battle of hits and gains, Until it creates now more pain. How many rounds?     July 10, 2018 (Thinking of T.E. and still Hurting from our Social Media chats)  

New Poem

    Love Triumphs  Trauma Life can be filled with lots of drama Making it hard on friendships that last Best to remember love triumphs trauma Necessity in placing a comma In moments that leaves us greatly crossed As life can be filled with lots of drama Looking at it as melodrama When pausing a laughter of the past In remembering love triumphs trauma As through the ups and downs life can create True friendship that last all the way through When love surpasses, making the friendship great For one's heart to the connection knew The bond is stronger than the drama faced When the relationship challenged and grew The person to person bond surely graced When life is filled with lots of drama For in your lives each other placed So, best to remember love triumphs trauma          ©Doris Elaine  

A "Not I, But I Am" poem

  Hello Guys, If you had viewed my site recently, you may have noticed I kind of got ahead of myself in my post and accidently posted a few poems from another book. However, since have corrected and am now back on track of posting in sequence of poem books' publication dates; if only we were perfect, right. Here with this poem, I was in a place of loneliness in feeling there is no one I can relate to in my efforts of being a Christian seeking True Love and/or true friendship.  Loneliness It affects us very negatively Emotions rise causing action That can be very subjective Affecting in bringing distractions   We don’t always see what’s true Due these feelings of loneliness That makes us feel mostly blue It’s then you look to His holiness   For with Him one is never alone When believing in God above Who answers in a spiritual tone One listens knowing you are loved   So next time you feel lonely Always remember you are not Look up to the one and on

Another Poem from "Not I, But I Am"

 Guys, With this poem I was in a place of the understanding of being a child of God and in accepting how wonderful he has made me.  Wonderfully Made     We are wonderfully made As the Lord will surely tell: “I will praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made, Marvelous are your words, and that my soul knows well” Psalm 139: 14 However, one’s essence not always seen For He gave us a willing soul Up to us to try and keep clean In sin we’ve always been Where temptation can take control But, with creator one is destined to win For we are wonderfully made deep in our soul     May 6, 2018 (Being aware that I am a child of God)  

Poem from "Not I, But I Am"

 Hello Guys, This is the first poem in my book, Not I, But I Am, which is part two/book two of the "Social Media Musings collection". As stated before, you will see here and in the book at the bottom of each poem the date and my feelings at time of writing. However, in My Faves book, soon to be published, there will only be dates accompanying the poems. Here with this poem some time had gone by since my last poem in Social I, Not book . In addition, as you can probably see here, much time had passed since my last text conversation with the fellow on Social Media. That interaction did change my life; just, wasn't sure at the time for the good or bad. However, I got through with the help of God.  Of Course, I’ll Never Be the Same; Thank You!     You came to me at a fragile time My heart still tender from the last Which; made it not as prime Our meeting perhaps too fast   Not given any downtime I could only hold fast Through the ups & downs, my heart stil

New Wrote Poem

         Out of Control Frustration is pounding at my soul In being a Christian of faith and hope God help because this world's out of control I try so hard being kind as my goal This now becomes a slippery slope As frustration is now pounding at my soul Anger today has taken it's toll Making it hard in this chaos to cope God help because this world's out of control People no longer consider others In the walk of life themselves thought of Forgetting we're all sisters and brothers We given life from our father above Then to give and receive hate in return When given it was all about love But to now to others no one discern As frustration pounds at my soul Wondering to whom I voce this concern God help; because the world's out of control         ©Doris Elaine

Finale Poem form Social I, Not

Hey Guys, This is the poem at the end of my  Social I, Not  book. From here you will see poems from  Not I, But I Am  book and possibly some new wrote poems in between. As stated before, in my "Faves" book coming, there will only be dates of the writing of the poems, where as in the books themselves I showed my feelings at the end of each poem; which you will see here, as well. So funny, I called Social Media "the" social media; didn't know any better at the time, lol. Although, I mentioned within those feelings at the end of this poem, "I don't belong on social media in seeking true love", that I do still hold to. I do, however, barely interact on social media outside family and close friends. Plus barely post anymore, as of today. I have faith in the Lord when it comes to True Love and still, somewhat, have a bad feeling from Social Media; that I can't help. Thank you Lord for intervening in my life and helping me to navigate this world of to

One more poem from Social I, Not

Hey Guys,  This poem is my favorite of all my  Social I, Not  poems in that book. This was the aha moment when I realized I was being played and decided to lift my pain up to the Lord. That was so long ago now, and that guy really had me going. You can see and feel my pain and happiness and my total submission to the Lord in that two-book series; in particular the chat journey in the  Social I, Not  book and my transformation of submission to the Lord in the  Not I, But I Am  book. Excluding my final brief poem, seen in next post, this was the last poem in the Social I, Not book.  God’s Best One looks the worldwide over For a soul mate that’s deemed a must Om giving one’s options a once-over It’s God one must learn to trust   For He will lead you to the one And to one’s surprise it will come For the best to one will match none Under His guidance two is one to become   Union of the best doesn’t always come easy Especially when one has many to choose But God is never too busy One only ne

Message and Poem, Please Read

Guys, You will be seeing poems of past from my published books, in the weeks to come, as I get my collection together for my "Faves" book coming soon. Of course I will slide in a newly wrote poem, here and there. Funny, I've noticed some typo errors in my previously published books that I will correct after publication of my "Faves" book. However, here you will already see the corrections. I pray, Lord help me to remember to do that. Also, you can see how raw my poems where in the beginning and I do still write raw or not so good poems. I am stunned by some of the poems myself in bringing back memories of that time. I say wow, what I was feeling and experiencing; was that really me, lol. Here another poem out of  Social Media Musings  two-book collection; this one, from "Social I, Not". Again, included is the date of writing and the feelings I was having at time of writing the poem.  I’m Patient: But! Yes, I’m an emotional woman But I know how to contr

Poem from Social I, Not

Hi guys,   Just wanted to repost this poem that is in my Social Media Musings two-book collection. You will find it in "Social I, Not" poem book. I have included the feelings I was having at the time of writing that is also included in the text of the book as in the Social Media Musings collection, instead of "thoughts" I included my feelings at the time of writing the poem. You may notice publication date of book is different than time of writing the poem.  Precious Time A piece here, a piece there One gives it away without a thought Never once to be thanked Time spent that could be elsewhere Rather admirable or careless It’s precious this thing given away Which some don’t appreciate When it leaves one in despair One needs to be thankful Time spent in one’s presence Put together the pieces remembering How precious the time when one was there ©Doris Elaine April 24, 2017 (Missing T.E. very badly - sent this poem to him)

Another Social Media Musings Poem

    Hey Guys,  This poem reflects my opinion of Social Media at the time of writing. Boy was I angry, yet perplexed of my interaction on Social Media; it was a wake up and know call for me.    Social Technology: Love/Hate Affair   It can be good at times And your worst pastimes The connection it creates Determines and dictates This Love/Hate affair In becoming aware How it can ruin one’s life If we don’t declare That some use social technology As a tool for criminology For those times we are crushed And can create hate and mistrust It’s these life altering primes That makes it our worst pastimes However, the connection it creates Can also bridge a much-needed gate That can bless one’s life tons And create love and zest It’s these life changing primes That makes it our good times It’s a Love/Hate affair That’s yours if you dare! ©Doris Elaine     April 23, 2017 (Upset with the Social Media due no communication from T.E.)

Social Media Musings poem

  Hi guys,   Just wanted to repost this poem that is in my Social Media Musings two-book collection. You will find it in "Social I, Not" poem book. I have included the feelings I was having at the time of writing that is also included in the text of the book as in the Social Media Musings collection, instead of "thoughts" I included my feelings at the time of writing the poem. You may notice publication date of book is different than time of writing the poem.    Private Writing My words don’t always express what’s on my mind In trying to be true From my heart that is kind It’s hard to express my private words So writing is where I am heard In my writing my heart shines And my privacy is kept just fine Not understood the words I speak My private writing is the place I seek ©Doris Elaine   April 17, 2017 (Feeling misunderstood from no communication after sending a "missing you" text)

Growing in Faith

  Not Convinced Otherwise To know me understanding implies As you have to have been where I've been Because I can't be convinced otherwise Having faith in Christ my soul does rise As to visions & dreams my life's been graced To know me understanding implies I know without a doubt and do realize Christ showed Himself to me herein Because I can't be convinced otherwise To have seen what I have made me Thou hard to understand myself The experiences helped me to be He gave me the knowing of Himself That has given me faith unbreakable To live the rest of my life itself My devotion to Him unshakable As to know me understanding implies Knowing my bond to Christ unmistakable Because I can't be convinced otherwise         ©Doris Elaine