Finally Poem form Social I, Not

Hey Guys,

This is the poem at the end of my Social I, Not book. From here you will see poems from Not I, But I Am book and possibly some new wrote poems in between. As stated before, in my "Faves" book coming, there will only be dates of the writing of the poems, where as in the books themselves I showed my feelings at the end of each poem; which you will see here, as well. So funny, I called Social Media "the" social media; didn't know any better at the time, lol. Although, I mentioned within those feelings at the end of this poem, "I don't belong on social media in seeking true love", that I do still hold to. I do, however, barely interact on social media outside family and close friends. Plus barely post anymore, as of today. I have faith in the Lord when it comes to True Love and still, somewhat, have a bad feeling from Social Media; that I can't help. Thank you Lord for intervening in my life and helping me to navigate this world of today!

Ending This Social Media Chat Journey

This ends this social media chat journey

Never again to be told!

For this engagement was too much a tourney

My journey being devoted to love

Now onto another journey

With God from above

A journey destined to behold in True Love!!

©Doris Elaine 

July 20, 2017

(Deciding the Social Media, I don't belong in seeking True Love!)


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