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New Blog!

 Hi guys,  I know I haven’t been very active here, but there’s a good reason. I’m in transition to a new to me logging site. Sense the domain hooked to this site does not run out for some months you will on occasion see a post here. To check out my new blog go to my author’s site link below.

Preview from "Growing Strong in The Lord - Part One"

 Guys, Here another poem from Growing Strong in The Lord - Part One , "I Am Sowed by God's Words" now also in My Faves book. Was going through a very lonely time in my life, but realized I am not alone when Jesus is in my life. Still get lonely at times; however, I know I am never alone in knowing He is always just a prayer/talk away. This is a love poem to the love of my heart, Jesus Christ. He is truly my savior and Knight in shining armor.  My Knight in Shining Armor ❤ My knight in shining armor, it’s You For You are the one I seek In You my heart does beat, I knew To You to come when I’m weak Because with You, it’s true The things I hear You speak My knight in shining armor For which I am made unique In You Lord; the promises gave, I grew My life now is never bleak As You showed Your love to me, I pursue Your protective armor which is mystique My knight in shining armor, It’s You Lord Jesus, my groom; You I only seek From this world to You, I flew When my life was

New Acrostic Poem

    Golden Years                                                                             G one are the days of youth O nto the next season we now face  L onely can sometimes become truth   D etermining where in life one's place E liminating that stress in making smooth N ow in this season, one does embrace   Y ears gone by the past has erase E ver so close to the Gospel truth A ligning one's self to the original birthplace R emembering God gave life in-truth  S eniors we are, now loving life in grace                    ©Doris Elaine 

Poem preview from "Growing Strong in The Lord" Part One

 Hi Guys, Still working on Part two of "My Faves" two part collection books while still getting settled into my new place. However, here a poem from  part one of "My Faves"; that is from the Growing Strong in The Lord collection. This poem truly is one of my favorites as it reminds me to always seek God's word in the busyness of my day. Even now as I work at my job while getting settled into my new place, the guidance of His word helps give me the strength I need to keep pushing forward.  The Owner’s Manual   The manufactures where inspired in spirit As the owner dictated its creation Its words express life as explicit   Without it one’s life has its limit A manual given for duration The manufacturers where inspired in spirit   In reading, spiritual growth shows its merit Knowledge becomes the standing foundation Its words express life explicit   Guidance its gives when life it’s severest When applied prevents one of damnation The manufacturers where ins

Thanks for your patience!

  Hi guys, Please bear with me in my effort of part two of the My Faves collection. It’s taking a bit more time than I had anticipated, mainly due my recent move. Am still getting settled into my new place and still have much to do in dealing with my move and working while doing so that has left little time for my writing efforts. Additionally, my memoirs book project is a much bigger project than I originally anticipated, as well. Not sure, at this moment, when that huge project will be completed. But, I promise it will be well worth the wait as I continue to wait on events I know need to happen. One already has, as God had blessed me with my “all to myself” new place of living. How that blessing event happened will be included in my memoirs book.  Meanwhile, once I get a bit more settled into my new place, I promise ink to paper will once again be back in full swing. Thank you my wonderful audience for your patience. God bless. DE

New Poem

  You Did My stress in this season You did rid How can I not, not be devoted When no one else came to my aid, You did For to my soul satan put in a bid As he thought he had won the vote In my stress in this season You did rid It was easy to stay with You for good As in the light to my soul You promoted When no one else came to my aid, You did You my Lord showed me love does exist When to this I thought I had lost out And now to Your love I can't resist As You showed me what love is all about In Your loving care I found my way Giving my soul great reason to shout When no one else to love did display The stress in this season You did rid Thank You my soul responds to say When no one else came to my aid, You did ©Doris Elaine  

Poem preview "Growing Strong in The Lord - Part One"

 Hi Guys, Here a poem from Growing Strong in The Lord - Part One , now featured in My Faves book. Technology has made our lives easier; but, has also given some more ways to get over on others. Operating through a highly technological world does sometimes require guidance. For me, the best guidance in maneuvering and operating through a highly technologically advanced society is with The Lord. He is my operating system! What’s Your Operating System? How fruitless to operate without Him! With Him we operate with purpose What's your operating system? Operating of the world seems slim Where temporal gain can surface How fruitless to operate without Him! Windows, Linux and Android, a control system Giving to this world a technical service What's your operating system? For technology this world gives at whim Which, without Him can give disservice How fruitless to operate without Him! In utilizing technology many dismiss Him Giving to some a criminal purpose What’s your operating sy