Preview from "Growing Strong in The Lord - Part One"


Here another poem from Growing Strong in The Lord - Part One, "I Am Sowed by God's Words" now also in My Faves book. Was going through a very lonely time in my life, but realized I am not alone when Jesus is in my life. Still get lonely at times; however, I know I am never alone in knowing He is always just a prayer/talk away. This is a love poem to the love of my heart, Jesus Christ. He is truly my savior and Knight in shining armor. 

My Knight in Shining Armor


My knight in shining armor, it’s You
For You are the one I seek
In You my heart does beat, I knew
To You to come when I’m weak
Because with You, it’s true
The things I hear You speak

My knight in shining armor 
For which I am made unique
In You Lord; the promises gave, I grew
My life now is never bleak
As You showed Your love to me, I pursue 
Your protective armor which is mystique

My knight in shining armor, It’s You
Lord Jesus, my groom; You I only seek
From this world to You, I flew
When my life was a total wreck
For with You love did surely spew
To my soul You do now speak 
Shining brighter every day, I thank You
My knight in shining armor!



Thoughts: It amazes me how the Lord makes His presence known at the most unexpected times. How comforting His word (armor) can be in all situations. And, how true to His promises He remains. I wonder upon who else can give me the protection and love as a soulmate as He does: He is my Lord, my Savior, my King; my total being. He is: My Knight in Shining Armor!


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