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Poem - You Want Let Me Down

  You Won't Let Me Down Sometimes life does put on my face a frown  Have learned no matter I'll be okay Because I know Lord, You won't let me down For with You I know I wear a crown No matter what life brings to my day When life does put on my face a frown In some moments I feel as though I'll drown That's when I think of You and say With You, I know Lord, You won't let me down When others want to my joy to take Playing games with my emotions at bay Making promises in their world of fake I know in this Lord Your here to stay Protecting what others tried to destroy As in this you've showed me a way   When others treat me as just a toy As life does put on my face a frown You've showed me in this how to life enjoy In knowing Lord, You won't let me down           ©Doris Elaine Thoughts : You know life is hard, even harder when dealing with fake people or fake situations. But, there's one being that will never fake you, play with your emotions, nor le