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New Blog!

 Hi guys,  I know I haven’t been very active here, but there’s a good reason. I’m in transition to a new to me logging site. Sense the domain hooked to this site does not run out for some months you will on occasion see a post here. To check out my new blog go to my author’s site link below.

Poem Re-visited, "Learned Temptation"

This poem  is a  Villanelle   poem form  I wrote for a book project, "Words of Inspiration", that is currently on hold, may revisit in future. For now, thought this poem may need re-visiting for some; including, myself .  Learned Temptation From the womb to the ground we now return When from the serpent we was deceived As in temptation we failed and did learn Now to this our struggle we did earn For our creator was greatly grieved From the womb to the ground we now return As paradise He gave us we overturn Eyes opened to knowledge we now received As in temptation we failed and did learn This our history with Him concern As to the other our choice perceived From the womb to the ground we now return Bruised in mind we must now stand stern So foot to heal our walk be achieved As in temptation we failed and did learn For now with knowledge we must discern To whom our alliance be reprieved From the womb to the grown we now return As in temptation we failed and did learn     ©Doris

A Poem of Thought-What's Next?

What's Next? In life I sometimes live perplexed Not knowing to what is coming That's when I inquire to the Lord, what's next? I ask please show me what my life reflects With this, He showed me what's forth coming As in life I sometimes live perplexed He said, your life need not be complex It's about what you are becoming As I inquire to the lord, what's next? A faithful servant is all I ask In doing so, I'm getting you ready Making sure your up for My task He said, with Me you know My love is steady No matter how much yours does waver So stop your wonder to what's next, already I said, You certainly have showed me favor When in life I sometimes live perplexed It's clear to me, You are my Savior When I inquired to You Lord, what's next?           ©Doris Elaine Thoughts : Sometimes we can get perplexed in life; especially, when things don't go as expected. But, have learned that's a part of life. The only true expectations, I've learned

A Poem of Thought

  A God that Knew Knowing You had made me brand-new Giving You thanks for this everyday I worship an awesome God that knew Some moments were hard to get through In these times of struggle I did pray Then knowing You made me brand-new Your hope in me with love was true My hope is now that I don't stray As I worship an awesome God that knew Although from times of past my heart does ache You knew to this end, You I would need Now the season done, with You I awake Bringing to life what end You did seed In looking back to what You made strong My being now not without, but freed I thank You for holding me when I was wrong For knowing You has made me brand-new The plans You have for me, I now sing a song As I worship an awesome God that knew         ©Doris Elaine Thoughts : It's easy to wonder why, this, that, and the other happened in our life. That's where knowing we have a God that already knew certain things were going to happen to you and knowing that He had been and will be

Uplifting Christian Songs

Here some uplifting Christian songs by Chris Tomlin           Jesus Loves Me I See You This Is You Greater I Will Boast Fear Not The Table

Be Still and Know

  Be Still and Know (Acrostic Poem) B ecause I know E verlasting Your love S tillness in You I grow T ogether We fit like a glove I n You my heart does flow L ord, to You my soul speaks of L oudly in silence You glow A nd in this place You I think of N oting Your love does show D ominating my hope with You above K nowing You, anxiety does slow N oting my soul to You thereof O h, how in stillness Your love bestow W hen in this world love void of         ©Doris Elaine Thoughts : Siting in silence with the Lord is the most precious moments of my life, no matter what is going on in my life. In these moments I know and feel His love radiate throughout the deepest parts of my being. With this love a fire grows to the need of letting others know of His love. People these days focus so much on getting ahead that we forget to be still and know who is the soul provider of our lives; the One who loves and cares. People hurt so much in the world and don't need someone telling them how to get a

A re-post Poem-Romance Vs. Love

Here a poem from my poem book "I Am Sowed, By God's Words", the I am sowed collection, part one. It is a Noet poem form (called Nonet, now-a-days) This poem form was introduced in my book "The Rhyme It Out Project! Part One". You will see my thoughts at the time of writing the poem.  In today's "ME" society, it is easy to get romance and love confused. I know I am still working on the difference in the two myself. However, have learned there is a difference in the two. Romance is not love and is very temporary; while, love stands the test of time. And, real love is not sex. It took great love of my children to endure raising them as a single mother through all the struggles we went through and I never gave up, nor gave them away; that's one form of true love. And, through much heartache have learned the greatest of all love is the Love of Jesus Christ; which does and will endure beyond time, into eternity. Love does endure the test of time, whi

A book suggestion for Christians

Sometimes we can struggle with how to be Christ like; especially in today's society. I know I do every single day. I ran across this book while watching Bible Talk with Mike Mazzalongo; which is another resource to help Christians. It is hard, but we must still try and fight the good fight as was wrote in 2 Timothy, "For I am already being poured out as drink offering, and the time of my departure is at hand. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Finally, there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord; the righteous Judge, will give to me on that Day, and not to me only but also to all who have loved His appearing." (4:6-8. NKJV). Hopefully this book, outside of reading God's word, will give some guidance to helping to be Christ like. It is sold on Amazon, see link below:  So, You Want To Be Like Christ?  by Charles R.Swindoll

Christ Like

Simplify to be Christ Like One's mind clutter can cause much dislike When in today's world fast be the pace But it can be simple to be Christ like Uncluttering may take change lifelike Examining what's allowed in one's space As one's mind cutter can cause much dislike Simplifying gives evil a strike Giving focus to God in its place  As it can be simple to be Christ like Less clutter means more room for Christ To be in one's life and in one's mind For to God's glory He was sacrificed So to the clutter examine and find What needs decluttering to make right In worshipping Him one's focus aligned When to one's mind focus becomes a fight As one's mind clutter can cause much dislike Take action in life against this plight Know it can be simple to be Christ like ©Doris Elaine Thoughts: In our fast paced world today there are so many things that can clutter our minds and lives in taking away our focus and worship on God. Things such as: Who we associ