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Something Beautiful

   Something Beautiful   I've learned to this indisputable  As no one else can do it like You can Turn broken into something beautiful Making that broken to self suitable  Finishing that within where it began I've learned to this indisputable  Turning inside out to approvable In showing Your glory as You than Turn broken into something beautiful As one allows You to sew together The pieces that shattered deep within One's transformation new altogether A portrait of spiritual growth wherein You replace one's damaged soul anew As You bestow Your love to one therein Then one learns a love once never knew I've learned to this it's indisputable As love did blossom giving a breakthrough Turning broke into something beautiful                      ©Doris Elaine

New Poem

  Here a poem for you in a secular sense. I do write them sometimes and decided to post this one. I guess I got bored. 😉 Hope you catch it's meaning.  Play Faces Cruising through life that's full of interfaces One becomes aware of people's deceit In learning it's hard to ignore play faces Social media being one of those places Where to real people often cheat Cruising through life that's full of interfaces Then deep down to fake one's being replaces The real that once did have a heartbeat In learning it's hard to ignore play faces Absorbed in the world of social dealings One loses one's self image that once was real Where appearance gives way to feelings Make believe then becomes one's world to deal  Creating stress deep down for one to live As a double life becomes the ordeal A cold heart replaces that once was alive Cruising through life that's full of interfaces  When one decides in partaking to thrive Then it becomes hard to ignore play face

Development Notice

Welcome to my updated format of this blog. You may notice some of the post, at this time, look a bit wonky. I have a great deal of content to shuffle through before the post will be fixed. Please be patience in my effort of transitioning this site into a strictly poetry blog site. Have decided to keep this site for that purpose, as me and this site have been through a great many morphs in the way of renaming and reformatting. Hopefully this will be the finale format and name. This site will consist of mostly poems (both past and present) and perhaps some emphases on rhyming poetry in the context of web articles and written post. Additionally, I am in the process of creating my author site; which, I will announce upon it's launch. For now, you can access my books on Amazon here . Thanks! Please stay tuned!

Poem preview "Pressing on With Hope"

This poem preview is from Growing Strong in The Lord - Part One, I Am Sowed By God's Words. It can be hard to cope in life, sometimes. But I have learned as long as I keep focused on the Lord in my Hope of being with Him beyond this world into eternity, things then don't look so bleak. The Lord is my Hope in hard times because I know each and every time He brings me through to a place of peace. Relying on the Lord is detrimental in times of struggle; rather, that struggle be physical or mental. God's grace suffices every single time. We just have to learn to be patience in Him and know He will see one through in pressing on in Hope.  Pressing on With Hope Sometimes in life it’s really hard to cope In the Lord one given no more than can bare So one presses on in Him with hope   At times it seems your on a tightrope To one side or the other you may err Because in life it’s really hard to cope   Looking at past times under a microscope Due His grace to you bowing in prayer