Thanks for your patience!

 Hi guys,

Please bear with me in my effort of part two of the My Faves collection. It’s taking a bit more time than I had anticipated, mainly due my recent move. Am still getting settled into my new place and still have much to do in dealing with my move and working while doing so that has left little time for my writing efforts.

Additionally, my memoirs book project is a much bigger project than I originally anticipated, as well. Not sure, at this moment, when that huge project will be completed. But, I promise it will be well worth the wait as I continue to wait on events I know need to happen. One already has, as God had blessed me with my “all to myself” new place of living. How that blessing event happened will be included in my memoirs book. 

Meanwhile, once I get a bit more settled into my new place, I promise ink to paper will once again be back in full swing.

Thank you my wonderful audience for your patience.

God bless.



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