Another Social Media Musings Poem

  Hey Guys,

 This poem reflects my opinion of Social Media at the time of writing. Boy was I angry, yet perplexed of my interaction on Social Media; it was a wake up and know call for me. 


Social Technology: Love/Hate Affair


It can be good at times

And your worst pastimes

The connection it creates

Determines and dictates

This Love/Hate affair

In becoming aware

How it can ruin one’s life

If we don’t declare

That some use social technology

As a tool for criminology

For those times we are crushed

And can create hate and mistrust

It’s these life altering primes

That makes it our worst pastimes

However, the connection it creates

Can also bridge a much-needed gate

That can bless one’s life tons

And create love and zest

It’s these life changing primes

That makes it our good times

It’s a Love/Hate affair

That’s yours if you dare!

©Doris Elaine


 April 23, 2017
(Upset with the Social Media due no communication from T.E.)


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