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Hi guys, 

Just wanted to repost this poem that is in my Social Media Musings two-book collection. You will find it in "Social I, Not" poem book. I have included the feelings I was having at the time of writing that is also included in the text of the book as in the Social Media Musings collection, instead of "thoughts" I included my feelings at the time of writing the poem. You may notice publication date of book is different than time of writing the poem. 


Precious Time

A piece here, a piece there
One gives it away without a thought
Never once to be thanked
Time spent that could be elsewhere
Rather admirable or careless
It’s precious this thing given away
Which some don’t appreciate
When it leaves one in despair
One needs to be thankful
Time spent in one’s presence
Put together the pieces remembering
How precious the time when one was there

                                ©Doris Elaine


April 24, 2017
(Missing T.E. very badly - sent this poem to him)


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