One more poem from Social I, Not

Hey Guys,

 This poem is my favorite of all my Social I, Not poems in that book. This was the aha moment when I realized I was being played and decided to lift my pain up to the Lord. That was so long ago now, and that guy really had me going. You can see and feel my pain and happiness and my total submission to the Lord in that two-book series; in particular the chat journey in the Social I, Not book and my transformation of submission to the Lord in the Not I, But I Am book. Excluding my final brief poem, seen in next post, this was the last poem in the Social I, Not book. 

God’s Best

One looks the worldwide over

For a soul mate that’s deemed a must

Om giving one’s options a once-over

It’s God one must learn to trust


For He will lead you to the one

And to one’s surprise it will come

For the best to one will match none

Under His guidance two is one to become


Union of the best doesn’t always come easy

Especially when one has many to choose

But God is never too busy

One only needs to listen to His voice


For the best is His to give

To the one that is ready to receive

Uniting of God’s best for both to live

In God one must learn to trust and believe

 ©Doris Elaine 


 July 14, 2017
(Putting this chat in higher hands)


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