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You will be seeing poems of past from my published books, in the weeks to come, as I get my collection together for my "Faves" book coming soon. Of course I will slide in a newly wrote poem, here and there. Funny, I've noticed some typo errors in my previously published books that I will correct after publication of my "Faves" book. However, here you will already see the corrections. I pray, Lord help me to remember to do that. Also, you can see how raw my poems where in the beginning and I do still write raw or not so good poems. I am stunned by some of the poems myself in bringing back memories of that time. I say wow, what I was feeling and experiencing; was that really me, lol. Here another poem out of Social Media Musings two-book collection; this one, from "Social I, Not". Again, included is the date of writing and the feelings I was having at time of writing the poem. 

I’m Patient: But!

Yes, I’m an emotional woman

But I know how to control my fire

When situations demand I shouldn’t

Rear my horns, them I retire

In strength of knowing love

Gives me the control I need

But my patience can fall short of

If love does not succeed

In giving me much needed space

To cool my emotional flames

Hoping to retire them in grace

But my patience thins, rise of emotional flames

So be aware, although I can control

My fiery horns of emotions

If true love does not touch my soul

My patience can become potent

 ©Doris Elaine 


May 21, 2017
(Trying to be patient, but)


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