Poem from "Not I, But I Am"

 Hello Guys,

This is the first poem in my book, Not I, But I Am, which is part two/book two of the "Social Media Musings collection". As stated before, you will see here and in the book at the bottom of each poem the date and my feelings at time of writing. However, in My Faves book, soon to be published, there will only be dates accompanying the poems. Here with this poem some time had gone by since my last poem in Social I, Not book. In addition, as you can probably see here, much time had passed since my last text conversation with the fellow on Social Media. That interaction did change my life; just, wasn't sure at the time for the good or bad. However, I got through with the help of God. 

Of Course, I’ll Never Be the Same; Thank You!


 You came to me at a fragile time

My heart still tender from the last

Which; made it not as prime

Our meeting perhaps too fast


Not given any downtime

I could only hold fast

Through the ups & downs, my heart still held

Correcting the pain when needed

Even thou at times it rebelled


As time goes by, I fell in deeper

The past hoping soon to be forgot

My heart no longer needing a gatekeeper

Or so my heart did give to though

However, moments did pass; am now a weeper

No matter how hard I fought


Now looking at our relationship past

I can only thank you for this experience

In changing my view for the better, at last

In my life you made a heartfelt difference

Of course, I’ll never be the same, Thank You!


March 22, 2018
(Been some time since chatting with T.E. Broken Hearted, But Thankful to know of Love)


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