Poem from "Not I, But I Am"


With this poem I was upset and tried that T.E. had me going in circles trying to figure out rather he was real, serious, or a scammer. Felt like I was in a battle with our chat being a reality or not, as he would talk then stop for a while then be nice enough to ask for something, then mean when I told him no; thus, rounds of back and forth nonsense. 

How Many Rounds?


The gloves are on for battle,

Learning each other our first tackle

How many rounds?

Hits made drawing pain.

Assuming a place now to gain.

How many rounds?

Silence in place for more hits,

Both ready to call it quits.

How many rounds?

Not ready to walk away,

In both deciding to stay.

How many rounds?

In this battle of hits and gains,

Until it creates now more pain.

How many rounds?


July 10, 2018
(Thinking of T.E. and still Hurting from our Social Media chats)



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