Two Poems from Not I, But I Am


Decided to include this poem in the preview of "My Faves" book, just to show I can write some quirky poems, perhaps, not so good; which, I have already displayed. Well, here it is. But, I do try to have meaning with all my poems. The meaning here is simply any situation that turns into a wake up call. 

Spell of an Unknown Zone


Time can be of the essence

When continuing one’s path

Lighting the way, its fluorescence

Believing one to be un-wrath

That spell-bounds one unknown

But, one’s future seems clear

When tethered the path that’s shown

Leading one to believe no fear

However, in time the light dims

Then it all becomes naturally clear

As road signs luminescent slims

One ask, what kind of spell has one stuck

On a road origin unknown now blown

Slowing the pace saying, what the f…

Breaking the spell of an unknown zone


September 23, 2018

(Waking up and realizing everything will be okay. No matter))


In the writing of this poem I was in a place of total reliance and trust in the Lord with my life. Knowing, no matter, my situation He is always there to see me through and in knowing when things happen the outcome is sometimes for the best of all involved; thus, the silver lining of the situation is in finding the golden outcome. 

Look for the Gold

In every situations' outcome, Look for the Gold

Rather good or bad the outcome

One must look closer to behold

The lesson that’s due to bec0me

One’s lesson in finding the gold


In the outcome of the situation

One’s blessing is already foretold

Although blind in the mist of its duration

The silver lining is in finding the gold


In looking back one needs to behold

That which was destined for one’s good

For the lesson seen can then unfold

Looking past the bad if one would

Placing trust in God above

For with him one’s life is foretold

And comes out of the grace of His love

In situational outcomes, Look for the Gold


September 23, 2018
(Knowing there is a silver lining in Trusting God with my Life and Love)


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