New Wrote Poem


 Out of Control

Frustration is pounding at my soul
In being a Christian of faith and hope
God help because this world's out of control 

I try so hard being kind as my goal
This now becomes a slippery slope
As frustration is now pounding at my soul

Anger today has taken it's toll
Making it hard in this chaos to cope  
God help because this world's out of control

People no longer consider others

In the walk of life themselves thought of
Forgetting we're all sisters and brothers

We given life from our father above
Then to give and receive hate in return
When given it was all about love

But to now to others no one discern
As frustration pounds at my soul
Wondering to whom I voce this concern
God help; because the world's out of control
      ©Doris Elaine


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