Poem/Quote from "Growing Strong in The Lord" - Part One


Here a poem/quote from Growing Strong in The Lord, Part One, "I Am Sowed, By God's Words". A word up to the Lord asking for His guidance and help does make a difference in any situation; particularly where anger is involved. It does take more courage to calm down, say a pray, then try to defuse the situation, rather then adding to it. 

Courage That Day 🐅

Having courage to do what’s right

Isn’t easy in our world today

Even when trying with all your might

Situations seem to make you stray

On these times, sometimes best to be quite

Then ask His strength as you pray

Your words He can then make right

Courage then becomes yours that day


 Thoughts: Sometimes facing a difficult situation that may lead to an argument, taking time to send a personal pray to God is more courageous than feeding an argument with words.


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