Last Poem in Rhyme it Out! Part Two


This is the last poem in The Rhyme It Out Project! Part Two. It is a very easy form to make rhyme and create. From here I will be previewing Growing Strong in The Lord collection, as the final book in The Rhyme It Out Project, My Form Created, is the form I mostly write now; so, it is presented towards the end of My Faves book. I am presenting the books and poems on my site here in the same order as they are presented in My Faves book. 

 “Z” Zappi – “Last Rhyming Poem”


“Z” Zappi

The Zappi are similar to a haiku, but unlike it , as well. The seasonal reference of a haiku this from does not contain. The syllable pattern is 5-7-5.





Last Rhyming Poem
Finally, this done
A rhyming project at end
Syllables, last one



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