Thursday, August 4, 2022

Last Poem from "Not I, But I Am"

 Hi Guys,

This is the last poem in my book, Not I, But I Am. I was and still are feeling thankful for the Lord being with me from birth. The tree represents growth, as you will see them on most all my books except on The Rhyme It Out Project collection, as most those in that collection (First two) are about poems and poem forms. And, that is the collection preview coming next. 

I was Yours from the Start


 You made it crystal clear to me

I came early in setting me apart

In this world I wasn’t meant to be

With weak lungs, destined to depart


Being number four of six my decree

Born elsewhere than them was my start

Rare as a lefty, most would agree

As some would say this sets me apart


Four life threating accidents, I thank thee

For in your care I did not depart

With you Lord I was destined to be

In this world, I was yours from the start

 December 31, 2018
(Realizing and Thankful for God’s Grace on my Life)



Trust GOD with your Life for He is True LOVE

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