First Poem from "T he Rhyme It Out Project" - Part One

 This is the first poem in The Rhyme It Out Project!, collection, book A-V. The first two books in that collection are about rhyme forms and are rhyming poems; mostly about that rhyme form. It was a hard and engaging project that actually taught me a great deal about the different poem forms to the point I created my own poem form; which, is the final book in this collection. Previews of that book will come much later. For now, here we go with the preview of "My Faves" from this collection. 

"A" Abstract

According to Wikipedia, Edith Sitwell used the term "abstract" in the same context as Sound poetry, meaning that the sound, texture, and rhythm of the poem is what makes it an abstract, more so than the meaning of the words.




Rhymes A Lot


Poems formed as abstract

Most often than not

Are written in order to attract

Emotions from which they brought

Meaning of words soon forgot

That have no real plot

Only given not much to thought

For the words not caught

Here an abstract that rhymes a lot


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