First Poem from "The Rhyme It Out Project!, Part Two"


This is the first poem of Part Two of The Rhyme It Out Project!. It's form is Acrostic; which, is one of my favorite forms. Some poets have even accomplished a double Acrostic poem where in addition to the left side spelling something, the right side also spells out something. I did attempt to do a double Acrostic, but could not due my criteria for poems is they rhyme. A double Acrostic that rhymes is near impossible; as I did find out. However, I haven't given up on that idea and when and if I do accomplish a double acrostic that rhymes, of course I will post it. For now here you go with a regular Acrostic poem that speaks of rhyming poetry.

“A” Acrostic – “Rhyming Poems Fate”


"A" Acrostic Poetry

Acrostic is easy and fun. It simply is the spelling out of word(s) on the left hand side of the poem in the first letter of each sentence.

Rhyming Poems Fate

Reading and writing rhyming poems is great
Having an education isn't needed
Your mind is already given this trait
Making grow what's been seeded
In your thoughts becoming its fate
Now producing where and when needed
Gathering thoughts that relate


Poems of rhyme; thus, is seeded
Opening the mind's door that await
Elevating one's thoughts exceeded
Managing to make it straight
Showing rhyming importance as preceded


Following minds growth as it dictate
Altering one's thoughts it succeeded
Toward rhyming poems intended fate
Encouraging thoughts where seeded


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