Poem from "Not I, But I Am"


I was in a place of doubt in myself; but, then realized that even if no-one else approves or likes me, it's okay because God loves and accepts me as I am. I wouldn't imagine myself any other way than as I am and God's approval and acceptance of me is good enough in accepting myself as I am. 

Image is Imagined Self


 I imagine myself to be

Clothed in societies view

That most prefer to see

In making me feel all new

This view seems accepted to me

For with the attention I finally grew

In that view most seem to agree

Is a necessary comfort to thee

In order to be socially free

However, moral conviction limits my glee

Comfort then can become my plead

Where self-image suffers to a degree

One born again for others to see

Self-image is then mine to be


November 18, 2018
(Deciding no matter, societies view of me, what’s important is my faith in following the Lord.
And, knowing that He appreciates me as I am)


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