Acrostic Poem for Thought


 Family Perspective

Familiar in relation to each other
All about living in this perspective 
Making the best life with one another
In this being the ultimate objective
Loving each other as sister and brother
Your relation given from God as selective


Precious the moments to this rather
Even when disagreements hinder this directive
Remembering as children best times together
Special as given to make life smoother
Past the struggles as adults, this subjective
Elevating each other in life further
Celebrating life given in pain by mother
Totally forgiving when put in this respective 
In making life easier one to another
Valuable to God, family meant to be effective
Even today as adults, we are sister and brother
                            ©Doris Elaine 

Thoughts: Seems today, the importance of family has diminished. As we mature as sisters and brothers we sometimes have major disagreements in the life styles our siblings choose or are thrown into; which can sometimes lead to judgement from one another. And, sometimes, this judgement can be very painful and hard to get past as it coming from a family member. But as we mature and grow older, we begin to realize how silly and damaging it can be to hold a grudge against each other. Although hard sometimes in forgiving one another, giving forgiveness in forgetting the past becomes necessary in order to reestablish the bond of being brothers and sisters that God established when He chose to give us to one another as family. Sometimes, we need to see past the ugly in remembering the things of good as children in rebuilding that loving family perspective. 


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