Two Poems' previews from Growing Strong in The Lord "I Am Sowed - Part One"

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Here two poem previews from Growing Strong in The Lord series, "I Am Slowed - Part One", now in My Faves book. We all struggle in one way or another; especially today. For single and coupled parents alike, it's hard when you don't have the funds to give your child(ren) a holiday you wish you could. In these struggling times, always remember you give a gift that has infinite value that money can't buy; the gift Love. Giving one your love is the most precious gift one can give in this upcoming holiday season. Let these poems be a reminder of that and be thankful in giving and in giving of this precious gift!

The Skill and Strength of Love


Truth be told, this world money talks
People are taught this from young
Raised under this skill, love soon walks
To one, love of money is then sung
Where one is given the skill of struggle
In survival, one is taught strong
For love of money, there no juggle
In the skill of survival, love there last long
Let the skill of money fell one this world
How fast one soon forgets how to love
For then a struggle is then hurled
And love then becomes void of
Just because of money, one cannot give
What one can teach, the skill of love
Then when money fells, one soon can forgive
One gave the strength of love, that to be proud of!


 Thoughts: For all the struggling parents, rather single or coupled, just because you may not be able to give much this year in this holiday season, don't get depressed because you are giving more than this world can. So many parents that can give, give , give to their children are giving in material things and forgetting to give the most valuable thing one can give: that's True Love, not the love of money. Parents that struggle to raise their children, the children may not see it now, but once grown, believe me, they will come to you and let you know thank you for the strength of your Love. They will know how strong you truly are and will give back to you the Love you gave in recognition and gratitude for your strength and the skill of love you taught them. Not in praising you for what you could have or not provided for them. Pat yourself on the back, you are giving more in the skill and strength of Love than the love of money ever can, unconditional Love. Know, Jesus loves unconditionally!!

Thanksgiving, The Way 🦃

Thankful for the life I live
Happy to have another day
Anxious for nothing as I thrive
Noting the blessings here to stay
Kindness being that to give
Sympathy for us to display
Grateful I learned to forgive
In making this day, thanks a way
Victory in knowing can survive
Inviting others without delay
Noting the thanks this day to give
Giving in blessings, because that's the way


 Thoughts: Happy Thanksgiving. Always be thankful for the many blessings God’s does give and remember in thankfulness to give to others and in giving doesn’t always mean material things. Notice: This also is an Acrostic poem where it spells out a phrase or message going down the left side in this case…Thanksgiving. 


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