A Poem Preview from "Growing Strong in The Lord - Part One"

Here a poem from "Growing Strong in The Lord - Part One", now in My Faves book.  This poem hits close to my heart. It's very true, we can't pick our kin folks. But we can chose how we decide to interact with our kin; our blood. That being said, God gave us each other on purpose as a blessing towards each other. In this, some may waver in the treatment they give each another simply because once adulthood comes into play, some may not agree and/or approve of the action(s) of a blood kin. In today's society, seems more care and attention is given to the waters of societal preference over God given blood-ship; in a sense, making water thicker than blood. It's important to remember God's gift of blood-kin in swimming this vast ocean of today's society. 

Water Thicker Than Blood


In the aspect of reality blood is thicker than water
But, in the aspect of society today water seems thicker
The idea of family society now has slaughter
Now accepting one as kin as now comes quicker
As one judged in society more harshly these days
Blood-ship thins, water and blood now being no difference
Because the wave of expectations has become life’s maze
We give-in to what one does for another all the preference
As Christians water over blood should not be this flood
In not being able to forgive when kin does offend
Water should never become thicker than blood
Just because now in society this be the trend
I ask, what happened to kinship love, given from above?


Thoughts: True, we can’t pick our family; thus, our blood. But in society today it seems people forget this placement in life to be a blessing; especially when a kin folk does something that one doesn’t approve of, or that offends, or when one isn’t able to do as other family members are able to do. Seems the saying “Blood is thicker than Water” not to be true these days. So, what can one do? One can try to remember the joy when God first gave you the blessing of knowing one to be a family member. Pray and forgive as this union He gave out of love because in reality blood is thicker than water.


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